How Energy Amplifier Dominates Meowscarada Unite Move in Pokémon Unite?

Do you want to know about the energy amplifier’s impact on the unite move of Meowscarada Pokemon Unite? Here’s the details!

In Pokémon Unite, where everything has a nerf and buff in a new patch, strategically using items is a key part of winning. When the Energy Amplifier came out, it caused a change, especially among Pokémon Unite Meowscarada fans. This held item increases the damage a Pokémon does after using its Unite Move. For example, Meowscarada’s Unite Move is now a powerful weapon on the battlefield.

Meowscarada Pokemon
Meowscarada Pokemon

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Understanding Energy Amplifier: A Game-Changing Held Item

Energy Rate0.06
CD Reduction0.045
Increased Damage7%/14%/21% after Unite Move

With its many benefits, Energy Amplifier is a key part of strategy loadouts because it makes Pokémon stronger. This useful item can be bought at the Aeos Emporium and can be improved with Item Enhancers. It has the following benefits:

  • +6.0% Energy Rate: Accelerates energy accumulation, facilitating quicker access to powerful moves.
  • +4.5% CD Reduction: Reduces cooldown times, enabling more frequent deployment of abilities.
  • 7%/14%/21% Increased Damage after Activating Unite Move: Unleashes a surge of power post-Unite Move, amplifying the Pokémon’s offensive capabilities to unprecedented levels.

Pokemon Unite Meowscarada Buffs

MoveCooldown (Before)Cooldown (After)
Night Slash7.5s6.5s
Double Team9s8s
Floral Flourish112s100s

With its new improvements, Pokémon Unite Meowscarada is now a strong rival in Pokémon Unite. The addition of buffs to its main moves makes it more useful and dangerous on the battlefield:

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Night Slash [BUFFED]

  • Cooldown Decreased: From 7.5s to 6.5s
  • Enhanced Efficiency: A shorter cooldown empowers Pokémon Unite Meowscarada to engage foes more frequently, maintaining sustained pressure throughout skirmishes.

Double Team [BUFFED]

  • Cooldown Decreased: From 9s to 8s
  • Swift Maneuvers: Reduced cooldown grants Meowscarada increased agility, facilitating swift evasions and strategic positioning.

Trailblaze [BUFFED]

  • Cooldown Decreased: From 7s to 6.5s
  • Blazing Trails: Quicker cooldown amplifies Meowscarada’s ability to traverse the battlefield, swiftly responding to emerging threats and opportunities.
Meowscarada gameplay
Meowscarada gameplay

Floral Flourish [BUFFED]

  • Energy Requirement Decreased: From 100000 to 90000
  • Cooldown Decreased: From 112 seconds to 100 seconds
  • Damage Enhancement: Damage per tick undergoes a significant boost, transitioning from 63% to 70% of Attack Ratio.
  • Enhanced Base Damage: Base damage elevates from 170 to 187, reinforcing Floral Flourish as a potent offensive tool.

Unite Move: Energy Amplifier’s Impact

When combined with Energy Amplifier, Meowscarada’s Unite Move goes beyond its previous limits and becomes a destructive force on the battlefield that has never been seen before. The Energy Amplifier’s increased damage after Unite Move and Meowscarada’s improved powers work together to make a deadly effect that leaves enemies stunned.

Strategies for Maximum Impact

Trainers must change their methods to make the most of Meowscarada’s newfound abilities if they want to get the most out of it. Here are some important strategies to think about:

  • Cooldown Management: Pokémon Unite Meowscarada is great at long-term battles because it has lower cooldowns across all of its moves. Make the most of its abilities by carefully timing them to attack rival teams all the time.
  • Energy Amplifier Synergy: Focus on getting Energy Amplifier and making it work better so you can take advantage of Meowscarada’s post-Unite performance. Move to do more damage. Plan team activities around Meowscarada’s Unite Move activation to make it have the most effect on important battles.
  • Target Selection: Find the most important targets that Meowscarada can attack. Pokémon Unite Meowscarada can quickly kill enemies and tip the scales of battle in your favor thanks to its high damage output and short cooldowns.
Pokemon Unite Meowscarada gameplay
Pokemon Unite Meowscarada gameplay


When the Energy Amplifier and Meowscarada’s improved powers work together, they start a new era of control in Pokémon Unite. Trainers all over the world are about to accept this powerful pair, which will change the meta and the rules of competitive play.

Now that the stage is calling and enemies are gathering, it’s time to use Meowscarada’s Unite Move to its fullest. With Energy Amplifier as its fuel, Pokémon Unite Meowscarada soars to heights never seen before, leaving its mark as a major force in the history of the Pokemon game. Are you ready to lead your team to success and join the revolution?

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