All Buffed Pokemon in Pokemon Unite February 2024 Patch

Check out the list of buffed Pokemon in the latest patch of Pokemon Unite. We have a breakdown of these buffed Pokemon.

Keeping things fair and competitive in the unpredictable world of Pokemon Unite is important for keeping players interested in the game. With the release of the February 2024 patch, many Pokemon got buffs that made their skills and fight performance better. Check out the table below that will give you an overview of Pokemon Unite buffed Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Buffed Pokemon
PokemonBuffed Ability
LeafeonBasic Attack, Aerial Ace, Solar Blade+
ZacianNatural Stats, Sacred Sword, Metal Claw
BlisseyHelping Hand, Safeguard, Safeguard+
TrevenantCurse, Pain Split
MeowscaradaNight Slash, Double Team, Trailblaze, Floral Flourish
PikachuElectro ball, Electro ball+, Volt Tackle
GyaradosRattled, Flail, Aqua Tail, Waterfall, Dragon Current
DelphoxFire Spin

Let’s look at the different buffed Pokemon that got big buffs in the most recent patch of Pokemon Unite:

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All Buffed Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite Patch

Before getting into details about buffed Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite patch, check out what you can expect:

  • Leafeon: Enhanced basic attack damage and reduced cooldown for Aerial Ace.
  • Zacian: Incremental attack boosts and increased effectiveness of Sacred Sword.
  • Blissey: Improved movement and attack speed with Helping Hand, and stronger shields with Safeguard.
  • Trevenant: Reduced HP cost for Curse and improved damage reduction with Pain Split.
  • Meowscarada: Reduced cooldowns for Night Slash, Double Team, Trailblaze, and Floral Flourish.
  • Pikachu: Increased damage based on enemy missing HP for Electro ball and Volt Tackle.
  • Gyarados: Increased effort on use and hit with Rattled, and reduced cooldowns for Aqua Tail and Waterfall.
  • Delphox: Decreased cooldown and increased damage per tick for Fire Spin.

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Leafeon Pokemon
Leafeon Pokemon
AbilityChanges inBuffed
Basic AttackDamage – BoostedRatio: 130% Atk to 150% Atk
Additional DamageRatio: 30% Atk to 40% Atk
Aerial AceCooldownReduced: 5s to 4s
DamageRatio: 81% Atk to 132% Atk
Aerial Ace+Cooldown ReductionReduced: 1s to 0.5s
Solar Blade+Damage ReductionIncreased: 30% to 40%
  • Basic Attack
    • Damage Boosted: Ratio – 130% Atk to 150% Atk
    • Additional Damage (Boosted by Chlorophyll): Ratio – 30% Atk to 40% Atk
  • Aerial Ace
    • Cooldown Reduced: 5s to 4s
    • Damage:
      • Ratio: 81% Atk to 132% Atk
      • Slider: 9 to 9
      • Base: 240 to 360
  • Aerial Ace+
    • Cooldown Reduction Reduced: 1s to 0.5s
  • Solar Blade+
    • Damage Reduction Increased: 30% to 40%


Zacian Pokemon
Zacian Pokemon
AbilityChanges inBuffed
Natural StatsAttackVarious Increment
Sacred SwordAttack Stat IncreaseIncreased: 20% to 30%
Defense IgnoreIncreased: 15% to 20%
Metal ClawCooldownReduced: 8.5s to 7.5s
  • Natural Stats
    • Attack: Level 1-15  Various increments
  • Sacred Sword
    • Attack Stat Increase Increased: 20% to 30%
    • Defense Ignore Increased: 15% to 20%
  • Metal Claw
    • Cooldown Reduced: 8.5s to 7.5s


Blissey Pokemon
Blissey Pokemon
AbilityChanges inBuffed
Helping HandMovement Speed andIncrease Increased: 25% to 30%
Attack Speed
SafeguardShieldRatio: 153% SpA to 178% SpA
Safeguard+ShieldRatio: 170% SpA to 198% SpA
  • Helping Hand
    • Movement Speed and Attack Speed Increase Increased: 25% to 30%
  • Safeguard
    • Shield:
      • Ratio: 153% SpA to 178% SpA
      • Slider: 13 to 13
      • Base: 522 to 600
  • Safeguard+
    • Shield:
      • Ratio: 170% SpA to 198% SpA
      • Slider: 14 to 14
      • Base: 580 to 665


Trevenant Pokemon
Trevenant Pokemon
AbilityChanges inBuffed
Wood HammerCooldownIncreased: 7s to 8.5s
CurseHP Cost per secondDecreased: 3% max HP to 2% max HP
Damage – per TickRatio: 41% Atk to 50% Atk
Damage – DetonationRatio: 164% Atk to 200% Atk
Slow EffectIncreased at Various HP Thresholds
Pain SplitDamage ReductionIncreased at Various HP Thresholds
  • Wood Hammer
    • Cooldown Increased: 7s to 8.5s
  • Curse
    • HP Cost per Second Decreased: 3% max HP to 2% max HP
    • Damage – per Tick:
      • Ratio: 41% Atk to 50% Atk
      • Base: 100 to 120
    • Damage – Detonation:
      • Ratio: 164% Atk to 200% Atk
      • Base: 400 to 480
    • Slow Effect Increased at Various HP Thresholds
  • Pain Split
    • Damage Reduction Increased at Various HP Thresholds


Meowscarada Pokemon
Meowscarada Pokemon
AbilityChanges inBuffed
Night SlashCooldownDecreased: 7.5s to 6.5s
Double TeamCooldownDecreased: 9s to 8s
TrailblazeCooldownDecreased: 7s to 6.5s
Floral FlourishEnergy RequirementDecreased: 100000 to 90000
CooldownDecreased: 112s to 100s
Damage – per tickRatio: 63% Atk to 70% Atk
  • Night Slash
    • Cooldown Decreased: 7.5s to 6.5s
  • Double Team
    • Cooldown Decreased: 9s to 8s
  • Trailblaze
    • Cooldown Decreased: 7s to 6.5s
  • Floral Flourish
    • Energy Requirement Decreased: 100000 to 90000
    • Cooldown Decreased: 112 seconds to 100 seconds
    • Damage – per Tick:
      • Ratio: 63% Atk to 70% Atk
      • Base: 170 to 187


AbilityChanges inBuffed
Electro ballDamage – Execute4% to 6% of enemy missing HP
Electro ball+Damage – Execute5% to 8% of enemy missing HP
Volt TackleDamageRatio: 14% SpA to 17.7% SpA
  • Electro Ball
    • Damage – Execute: 4% to 6% of enemy missing HP
  • Electro Ball+
    • Damage – Execute: 5% to 8% of enemy missing HP
  • Volt Tackle
    • Damage:
      • Ratio: 14% SpA to 17.7% SpA
      • Base: 140 to 170


Gyarados Pokemon
Gyarados Pokemon
AbilityChanges inBuffed
RattledAuto Effort+20 to +30 on use, +100 to +150 on hit
FlailDamage – Below 33%Ratio: 243% Atk to 324% Atk
HPBase: 420 to 560
Aqua TailCooldownDecreased: 8s to 5s
WaterfallCooldownDecreased: 8s to 6s
Damage94% Atk + 7 x (Level – 1) + 190 to 146% Atk + 7 x (Level – 1) + 255
  • Rattled
    • Effort Increase on Use and Hit
  • Flail
    • Damage – Below 33% HP:
      • Ratio: 243% Atk to 324% Atk
      • Base: 420 to 560
  • Aqua Tail
    • Cooldown Decreased: 8s to 5s
  • Waterfall
    • Cooldown Decreased: 8s to 6s
    • Damage Increased

Dragon Current (Gyarados)

AbilityChanges inBuffed
Dragon CurrentEnergy RequirementDecreased: 90000 to 80000
CooldownDecreased: 100s to 89s
  • Energy Requirement Decreased: 90000 to 80000
    • Cooldown Decreased: 100 seconds to 89 seconds


Delphox Pokemon
Delphox Pokemon
AbilityChanges inBuffed
Fire SpinCooldownReduced: 8s to 7s
Damage – per TickRatio: 12% SpA to 16% SpA
  • Fire Spin
    • Cooldown Reduced: 8s to 7s
    • Damage – per Tick:
      • Ratio: 12% SpA to 16% SpA
      • Base: 70 to 90

The February 2024 patch adds cool new features to many Pokemon, giving players more ways to play and making them stronger on the battlefield. While these buffed Pokemon make Pokemon Unite more fun, they also encourage players to try out different Pokemon and team combinations to win Pokemon Unite battles.


How can players adapt to Pokemon buffs in Pokemon Unite?

It’s possible for players to get used to Pokemon buffs by trying out newly boosted Pokemon, learning about their new skills, and adding them to their teams. To make the most of the strengths of newly boosted Pokemon, it’s important to learn about the changes and adapt your games accordingly.

Are all Pokemon buffs universally beneficial in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Pokemon buffs are meant to make certain Pokemon better at what they do, but not all buffs may be useful in all scenarios. When figuring out how Pokemon buffs affect their gaming, players should think about things like their team makeup, how well they match up with opponents, and how they like to play.

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