All Nerfed Pokémon in Pokémon Unite February 2024 Patch

Are you aware of the Pokemon who were nerfed in the Pokemon Unite February patch? We have a breakdown of these nerfed Pokemon.

In Pokémon Unite, where everything is constantly updating, keeping the balance is very important for keeping things fair and competitive for everyone. With the February 2024 patch, many Pokémon’s skills and stats have been nerfed. Here’s a summary table of nerfed Pokémon from the Pokemon Unite February 2024 patch:

DragapultCritical ChanceReduced at various levels
Phantom ForceDecreased attack speed increase
DragoniteHyper BeamIncreased cooldown
CrustleX-ScissorReduced damage ratios and base

The goal of this article is to give an in-depth analysis of the major nerfs that have been made to the Pokémon in the game. So check out the nerfed Pokemon below.

Sylveon Received nerfed after its release
Sylveon Received nerfed after its release

List of Nerfed Pokemon in Pokemon Unite Patch

Get ready, because we are going to share the details of all the Pokemon Unite Nerfed Pokemon from the latest patch. Check it out!

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Dragapult Nerfed

Dragapult nerfed
Dragapult nerfed
AbilityLevel 1-4Level 5-8Level 9-15
Critical Chance0%10%25%
Phantom Force100%85%

Natural Stats Nerfs

  • Critical Chance:
    • Level 1-4: 0%
    • Level 5-8: 10%
    • Level 9-15: 25%

Phantom Force Nerfs

  • Attack Speed Increase:
    • Reduced from 100% to 85%

Dragonite Nerfed

Dragonite Nerfed
Dragonite Nerfed
AbilityCooldown BeforeCooldown After
Hyper Beam10s11.5s

Hyper Beam Nerfs

  • Cooldown Increase:
    • Extended from 10 seconds to 11.5 seconds

Crustle Nerfed

Crustle Nerfed
Crustle Nerfed
AbilityFirst HitSecond HitThird Hit
X-Scissor DamageRatio: 114% Atk, Base: 108Ratio: 141% Atk, Base: 117Ratio: 168% Atk, Base: 126

X-Scissor Nerfs

  • Damage – First Hit:
    • Ratio: 114% Atk
    • Slider: 3
    • Base: 108
  • Damage – Second Hit:
    • Ratio: 141% Atk
    • Slider: 3
    • Base: 117
  • Damage – Third Hit:
    • Ratio: 168% Atk
    • Slider: 3
    • Base: 126

Breakdown of Nerfed Pokémon in Pokemon Unite

When deciding which Pokémon to use in battle, it’s crucial to use an effective strategy given the nerfs that were applied to different Pokémon in the February 2024 patch of Pokémon Unite. Each nerf changes how well and how often a Pokémon works, which affects its usefulness in different scenarios. Here’s a breakdown of the nerfed Pokémon if you are thinking to use:


The critical chance and Phantom Force skill of Dragapult were both greatly decreased. Even though the critical chance has gone down, Dragapult is still a strong choice because of how quickly it can attack and how much damage it can do. Phantom Force’s ability to quickly fight and withdraw may be affected by its slower attack speed increase, but its overall offensive power is still strong, making it a good choice for players who value both damage output and mobility.


Dragonite’s Hyper Beam can’t use its strong weapons as often because the cooldown has been lengthened. But Dragonite still has strong offensive skills and a solid build, which makes it a good choice for players who want to deal continuous damage and be tough in battle. Even with the time change, it’s still a useful addition to any team because it can be used on offense or defense.


The base numbers and damage rates of Crustle’s X-Scissor were changed for all hits. Even though these changes make Crustle’s burst power a little weaker, it is still a tough and annoying Pokémon in battle. Because it is so good at defense and crowd control, Crustle is great at controlling targets and setting up team battles. It’s recommended that players add Crustle to their teams if they like a tankier style of play and want to mess up enemy groups.

In conclusion, the February 2024 patch makes big changes to some Pokémon to make Pokémon Unite more balanced and fair. These changes focus on certain parts of each Pokémon’s powers and stats, which changes the meta and encourages players to use a variety of tactics.


Are nerfed Pokémon still viable choices for battles?

Yes, Pokémon that have been nerfed can still be good picks in battle, but it depends on how bad the changes are and how balanced the Pokémon’s kit is overall. Nerfs may lower the power of a Pokémon, but they don’t always make it useless. Players can still beat Pokémon that have had their abilities weakened by changing how they play and making the most of the strengths of each Pokémon’s leftover abilities.

Can nerfed Pokémon be buffed in future updates?

Yes, Pokémon that have been nerfed might get buffs in future updates, as long as writers keep an eye on gameplay data and comments from players. It’s possible for buffs to be used to bring balance back to Pokémon that were greatly affected by previous nerfs or to add new dynamics to the game’s meta. To know what changes are coming to their favorite Pokémon, players should keep up with patch notes and updates.

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