We have brought you a Clash of Beasts in-game currency guide that will teach you how to earn more of them.

Clash of Beasts, Ubisoft’s latest free-to-play fantasy strategy game, is now available on iOS and Android. In Clash of Beasts, a cruel fantasy game set in Veren that features over 65 distinct kinds of beasts, players engage in intense base-building, monster collection, and action-packed PvP raids.

A mercenary who emulates the prowess of the mysterious Beastmaster steps into the shoes of the player. The world’s mythical creatures can be collected, bred, and commanded through this method. It is the task of the player to build up an army of these enormous beasts that enables them to wage war against their enemies.

There are several battle choices to pick from with dozens of animals to choose from, each with its own unique attacks and affinities. Players may locate various monsters and form strategic teams to offer them an advantage in various fighting situations. Furthermore, mercenaries may combine these species via the foraging system, allowing for the development of entirely new beasts. Fusing monsters with similar qualities might greatly increase their power or possibly result in the formation of versatile behemoths with many attributes.

Players are not required to combat their opponents alone. With the availability of global guilds, everyone may join together to launch large-scale attacks against the enemy or even explore the vast realm of Veren together in search of new creatures. Take on other mercenaries’ strongholds for varied prizes while also constructing your own with the roster of creatures and more than 10 distinct defensive tower kinds. These towers have powers that range from freezing attacking monsters to setting them ablaze.

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Clash of Beasts in-game currency: How to get Gems

Clash of Beasts in-game currency
Clash of Beasts gems as rewards (Image credit: Ubisoft)

To speed up the Clash of Beasts procedure, gems are necessary. While jewels are necessary for entry to some areas of the game, they are not required to unlock more beast slots. In Clash of Beasts, gems are a premium currency that can be used to speed up building construction, recharge contracts, and unlock more beast slots. Although obtaining them might be challenging, it is up to you how you use them. 

You may choose a variety of techniques, some of which are more direct than others. Here’s all you need to know about acquiring gems in Clash of Beasts. When you first start playing Clash of Beasts, it’s a great idea to complete story missions and achievements to earn gems. 

In the quests tab on the left side of the screen, scroll down to the bottom choice to find the tale quests. Clash of Beasts players will need to work their way through the quests to progress, unlock new content, and master the game. As you complete tasks along the way, you will likely earn awards, and these achievements will be nice to review if you wish to earn more. As soon as you reach level 5, daily missions are also an excellent way to earn them.

If you don’t wish to finish these specific tasks, you may purchase gems from the Clash of Beasts shop. The most basic way to obtain a big quantity of gems at once is to buy them using real-world money. You may buy a number of payment packages that give a breakdown of gem prices in the game’s marketplace.

Clash of Beasts in-game currency: How to get more Gold and Essence?

Clash of Beasts in-game currency
Clash of Beasts (Image credit: Ubisoft)

You cannot totally tell Gold and Essence as the in-game currencies, as they are the resources. But they are crucial as they are the only resources that will help you to upgrade, train, build, and much more in the game.

Gold and Essence are the most important resources in Clash of Beasts. Gold is used to construct and improve base buildings and defense towers. It is available from the Gold Mine. Essence is used for training the creatures and improving the Gold Mine. It may be obtained via the Essence Well. Both resources can also be earned by raiding the islands of other players.

There are multiple ways in which you can earn these. The most basic way of collecting Essence and Gold is by collecting them from Essence Well and Gold Mine.

The other way is to go on raids and attack others. This will give you lots of Gold and Essence if you win the battle. You can see how much Essence and Gold you will be getting before selecting a battle. So train your beasts and select the higher battles to get lots of these resources. Unfortunately, the option of buying them from the store with real-world money is not available.

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