Prison Architect Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks to get started

Prison Architect allows you to design and construct a completely functional prison. You’ll have a successful jail on your hands if you follow the Prison Architect Beginner’s Guide!

Introversion Software, the creators of DEFCON (2007), Darwinia (2005), and Uplink (2005), has released Prison Architect (2001). The game’s objective is for players to create, build, and administer a jail according to their preferences. After years of development and Early Access on Steam, it was launched on October 6th, 2015. You can find the game on Steam.

You are entrusted with designing and managing a jail from the bottom up in the strange but superb simulation game Prison Architect. Not only that, but you begin with nothing more than a piece of land and may expand it to become a big, high-security jail. It houses some of the world’s most well-known criminals while also producing a lot of money.

For new players, there are a few things you should do to increase the revenue, security, and efficiency of your prison. You may want to consider arming your guards or paying attention to the building layout. The following tips will help you set up a lucrative jail.

Prison Architect Beginner’s Guide: Canteen

Prison Architect Beginner's Guide
Prison Architect (Image credit: Steam)

Prisoners dislike being held behind bars and will become irritated over time. It’s critical to reduce this by giving them something to do in their spare time and tending to their basic needs, such as contacting home.

Keeping need-based goods near the Canteen is a great method to achieve this. To have leisure, prisoners usually often eat their meals before mealtime ends. They’ll take advantage of spare time if there’s a phone booth, weights, or other stuff around. Another benefit is that you’ll be able to cater to their requirements without having to set out time for it.

Prison Architect Beginner’s Guide: Sell/Store Excess Goods

Prison Architect Beginner's Guide
Prison Architect (Image credit: Steam)

Workshops are a fantastic method to have raw materials on hand, such as wood, so you may construct items or sell them for a profit. The issue is that your inmates are typically too industrious and will overcrowd the workshop. They will cease to operate once this occurs since there will be nowhere to store any new items they produce. 

Ensure that things are moving into storage or being sold for future use in workshops. Manually selling these products is also an option. It might be irritating at times, but it’s critical to keep them working in order to keep them out of trouble and earn money.

It is crucial to build a storage room quickly

Prison Architect Beginner's Guide
Prison Architect (Image credit: Steam)

Building a Storage Room is one thing you can do right now to cut money. The purpose of this is to save all disassembled or unwanted things for later use. It may seem insignificant at first, but a few things here and there instead of buying new ones can save you a lot of money. It’s also a wonderful method to keep extra building supplies on hand for future projects, saving you money. Make a point of building one of them as soon as feasible.

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Prison Architect Beginner’s Guide: Level of Security

Prison Architect Beginner's Guide
Prison Architect (Image credit: Steam)

When administering a jail, it may appear ludicrous, but having too much security might actually produce more issues. It’s tempting to have legions of well-armed guards patrolling the corridors, but this raises the prison’s risk level, which can be a problem.

In addition, it makes the detainees feel oppressed. Inmates who are on house arrest are less likely to volunteer for reform initiatives. In addition to providing revenue, reform programs can also help to improve the behavior of inmates. The security measures are only enough to keep everyone safe and in order, no matter how weird it sounds.

Ensure that each cell has a shower

Prison Architect Beginner's Guide
Prison Architect (Image credit: Steam)

Many players are employing an intriguing strategy of providing a shower and drain in each jail cell. Although it may appear odd, there are several advantages to doing so. To begin with, it eliminates the requirement for a designated shower time because convicts are responsible for their own hygiene. It also prevents arguments in the shower. Inmates are also more relaxed as a result of the chilly showers. It can be costly to set up, but once in place, it has various advantages and provides for the inmates’ requirements passively. 

Prison Architect Beginner’s Guide: Location

Prison game
Prison Architect (Image credit: Steam)

The key to running a productive jail is keeping specific sections near together to reduce travel time for both staff and convicts. By locating the Staff Rooms in the middle of the building, staff will only have to walk a short distance to any location in the jail. Workshops near Deliveries and Laundry near Cells for rapid pickup and drop-off are both beneficial.

One effective tactic is to have your Yard close to the Canteen; send your convicts out to the Yard just before mealtimes and then have them all enter the Canteen at the same time; this puts everyone in a compact group and avoids your guards from being spread too thin. After all, this is a construction game, so having a well-designed prisoner is critical to maintaining security while lowering expenses.

Construct dual fences

Dual fences
Prison Architect (Image credit: Steam)

Double fences might be costly upfront, but they can save you a lot of time and money in the long run by increasing your security. Many contraband items enter jail through dumpsters. The second layer of fence around the perimeter of your Yard or other prison facilities guarantees that contraband does not fall into the hands of convicts.

Outsiders don’t have a good enough throwing arm to clear this distance, therefore maintain the fences at least nine meters apart. This corridor may be useful in the future for relocating difficult inmates or personnel.

Separate Supermax from other prisons

Prison Architect (Image credit: Steam)

As the last step, restricting troublemakers to their own sections is the best thing you can do for the safety and wellbeing of both inmates and employees. If permitted to interact with the main group, frequent murders or new Legendary inmates will frequently create clashes and start riots.

It’s strongly advised that you construct a Supermax wing apart from the other cells and station armed guards there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s extremely costly, but once you can afford it, you can bring in Legendary convicts, who are far more profitable, and it confines the troublemakers you already have, reducing the costs associated with fighting and rioting.

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