The game introduces incentives to match particular colors of gems together. Our Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide will help you with the best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for a better gaming experience.

You may believe that because you’ve played Match-3 puzzle games previously, you’ll be able to easily master Marvel Puzzle Quest. Not so quickly! In this superhero extravaganza, there are levels of strategy and tactics that take a little more thinking than your typical puzzle game.

You may utilize these strategy ideas and connections to game resources. Whether you’re a new player to Marvel Puzzle Quest or a seasoned veteran. If you’ve played Marvel Puzzle Quest (MPQ), you’ll know that it includes both a complicated role-playing game and a simple “Match-3” gaming structure. If you haven’t tried MPQ yet, go to the Google Play or iOS store and download it on your preferred mobile device. Below is a Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide with tips and tricks.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide for Battles

One aspect of Marvel Puzzle Quest that many people are unaware of is that the game becomes increasingly difficult as you go. The first Marvel Puzzle Quest tip is a strategy for dealing with the game’s difficulties and making the most of them.

The majority of the events are broken down into brackets. If you consistently win in a player-vs-player event, you’ll very certainly be bumped up to a more difficult bracket. Similarly, the more you win in player-vs-CPU events, the higher the level of adversaries you have to battle. Not all conflicts, though, are made equal.

Marvel battle

PvE Events

Fight for the most points possible in PvE events. Often, you’ll want to grind on a PvE event to acquire Progression Rewards points or to move ahead in tiers. Missions gain in point worth with time, while the difficulty grows as you win more. If you’re not generating decent points, don’t bother grinding!

Start with the toughest fights first in PvE events. When it comes to levels to play, you may have various options. Because they’ll only grow harder as you progress. Start with the most difficult ones first and work your way back. If the difficulty rises, you’ll miss out on the early missions rather than the later ones.

PvP Events

Marvel PvP

Choose the subset of PvP events that are worth winning, and sit towards the bottom of the others. When an event you want to win comes around, if you grind and max out every event, you’ll be locked in a top-tier bracket and have a hard time winning. Examine the event’s incentives, and if you’re not interested, play with a poor squad long enough to get the inexpensive awards, then go on.

Don’t fight every battle in PvP events. Some opponents are simply too difficult to avoid at the cost of a little ISO cost/bonus. Don’t be afraid to “lose” your bonus or pay a few points to get an edge in these contests. It’s a little thing to pay for peace of mind!

Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide for Balanced Team

 Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide

The three basic character kinds are a “Strongman,” a “Wizard,” and a “Warrior.” Although popular RPG-style games can include many exotic-sounding character classes, the three basic character types are a “Strongman,” a “Wizard,” and a “Warrior.” Marvel Puzzle Quest, on the other hand, employs three-character teams for each battle.

Classic Super Hero teams have always had art to them, with skills and abilities that complement each other. That’s also true in Marvel Puzzle Quest, where matching various colored squares earns you Action Points (AP), which you can use to unlock new character moves and cause damage to your opponents. Make sure to pick heroes with special skills that can be activated by as many color tiles as possible when creating your hero roster. You’ll constantly be working towards a deadly power move this way.

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Collect comics

Collecting comic books is probably something you’re acquainted with if you’re playing Marvel Puzzle Quest. In the game, you may do the same thing. Your characters will be strengthened by classic comic covers. So, if you obtain a comic cover for a character you own, you may use it to increase that character’s power. Increase the damage delivered, as well as any unique abilities granted by that power. 

It will also allow you to add Iso-8 to the character, which will raise the total level of that character. Remember that comic covers boost attack strength while also raising a character’s total level. Of course, they look fantastic as well!

Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide to Maximize Move

 Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide

When you’ve progressed far enough in Marvel Puzzle Quest to have a group of heroes with their powers unlocked and upgraded, the game stops being entirely about matching squares to do damage. Most confrontations beyond this point in the game devolve into a race to see who can charge their skills first. This Marvel Puzzle Quest tip focuses on making the most of each move to get the maximum AP.

When certain abilities charge, the game is finished (or very nearly so) for specific hero teams. As a result, the first half-dozen or so turns are crucial. The amount of AP you create (and the kind of AP you generate) can determine whether you win or lose. Boosts your help here by providing you with an advantage right now. You do, however, always receive the first turn, which is a significant advantage in and of itself.

Check the balance of the tiles on the board when the level initially loaded. Attempt to determine which of your team’s skills you will charge first. Then seek out matchups that will provide you with as much AP as possible. Looking at the board to see what tiles will move when you make your match is also beneficial. You’ll begin to see patterns after you’ve mastered the game’s mechanics. Matching a horizontal three-in-a-row, for example, is a simple technique to drop tiles that can cascade into more matches.

When you notice a three-in-a-row match that can be dropped to clear it, look for a match lower on the board that will drop it into the proper position. You’ll get at least double AP out of your turn this way.


 Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, there are hundreds of hours of single-player action scattered across a variety of riveting narratives and adventures, but don’t overlook the chance to play online against others. PVP battles are a wonderful method to obtain extra Iso-8 and bonus character covers, and you don’t have to win to receive them. 

Simply participating will provide you with a good amount of resources as well as allow you to hone your abilities in preparation for future conflicts. Join an alliance for even more benefits. Membership in these player clans is another great method to gain extra Iso-8 and interact with other enthusiasts that can help you improve your game.

This was all the Marvel Puzzle Quest Guide, Tips, and tricks that you need to focus on for a better gaming experience.

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