The Ultimate Ranking of All Gigantamax Pokemon

What’s a Gigantamax Pokemon? Do Gigantamax Pokemon evolve? Find out the tier list featuring the top Gigantamax Pokemon.

The different types of Pokemon species makes every game interesting. Apart from evolution and different forms, there are several Pokemon that unlock a new form through an in-game feature. Gigantamax is a rare Pokemon that’s found in Pokemon Sword and Shield and other games as well.

Gigantamax Pokemon can be unlocked through the in-game transformation mechanic called Dynamax. Gigantamax Pokemon primarily appears in Sword and Shield. It’s also available in other Pokemon core series games and spin-off games as well. Some gigantamax forms have also featured in the anime and tcg over the years. There are more than 30 Gigantamax Pokemon in the Pokedex currently.

All Gigantamax Pokemon Ranked

Gigantamax Pokemon
Tier Gigantamax Pokemon 
SSnorlax, Gengar, Orbeetle, Pikachu, Corviknight, Toxtricity, Urshifu, Venusaur 
ACharizard, Blastoise, Meowth, Eevee, Cinderace, Coalossal
BMachamp, Lapras, Inteleon, Sandaconda
CButterfree, Drednaw

Top 5 Gigantamax Pokemon Of All-time

Here are the best 5 Gigantamax Pokemon based on their skills, stats and powers.


The dragon Pokemon has all abilities of fire and flying elements. Charizard is a gen 1 Pokemon that runs faster and excels in sp.Atk. Pokemon players can evolve Charmander to Chameleon and Chameleon to Charizard. This Gigantamax Pokemon frequently spawns in the lake of outrage. Blaze and Solar Power are the best abilities for Charizard.


Pokemon Snorlax is one of the rarest Pokemon with the Gmax Pokemon move. Snorlax, also known as the sleeping Pokemon, appears in Sword and Shield as a Gen 1 Pokemon. Snorlax is a normal type Pokemon and it’s best played as an attacker. Immunity, Gluttony and Thick Fat are its best moves for raids.


The Water type Pokemon is found in West Lake Axewell and South Lake Miloch. This pokemon evolves from Krabby and boasts 10,000 Horse Power. Kingler is an all-rounder and a heavy tank. Kingler is hailed as an all-time powerful Gigantamax Pokemon with its special skills Sheer Force, Hyper Cutter and Shell Armor.


The giant bipedal has its appearance like a turtle and has a cannon on its body. Blastoise deals water damage and is available only in the Isle of Armor expansion in Stepping Stone and Workout Sea. Torrent and Rain Dish are its primary skills and Blastoise is a top-tier defender.


Pokemon Flapple is an S-ranked Gigantamax that’s in the Dappled Grove. Flapple, the Gen 8 Pokemon is a grass and dragon type Pokemon that’s strong in both attacking and defending. Flapple is an excellent pick for all raids and PvP battles. The Ripen move doubles the effects of berries, Gluttony uses a pinch berry while hp is at 50% and Hustle increases its basic attacks.


Can Gigantamax Pokemon Evolve?

Yes, Gigantamax Pokemon can evolve just like normal Pokemon.

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