For all you FIFA fans, here is a guide on how to complete the TOTY challenge 8 SBC in FUT 22. Do not forget to see the players we have mentioned at the end.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a game option in which you may create your own fantasy team. To make your impact on the pitch, play matches to earn FUT Coins, purchase and trade Player Items on the Transfer Market, and assemble your Ultimate Team. The FUT Store allows you to examine your odds of receiving particular sorts of Player Items and their minimum ratings (OVR) in each Pack before you commit to one to help you make sensible investments for your squad. 

Under every Pack in the FUT Store, you’ll find Show Pack Probabilities. After a one-day absence, the TOTY Challenge has returned to FIFA 22, with TOTY Challenge 8 SBC being the eighth installment in the series. Below, we have a guide on how to complete the TOTY Challenge 8 SBC.

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What is SBC?

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), on the other hand, allow you to create unique Squads utilizing your Player Items based on various challenge requirements, which you can then submit to gain prizes. Some SBCs feature many challenges, each with a separate payout and a bigger group award for finishing all of them. Others are little more than a single challenge.

Some SBCs can be repeated. There’s a chance you’ll get a different prize each time you submit the Squad, but there’s also a chance you’ll get a repeat award. SBCs are accessible in all versions of FIFA 22, however, they may change depending on what platform you’re playing on. Rewards may differ depending on the platform.

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What is the TOTY Challenge 8 SBC

TOTY Challenge 8 SBC
Best Strikers in FIFA 22 for Career Mode (Image credit: FIFA)

The Team of the Year (TOTY) campaign focuses on unique player goodies. TOTY cards are unique cards that feature the top footballers from the previous year, as decided by FIFA 22 players. These cards can be discovered in any pack, although they have extremely low probabilities of appearing.

The TOTY cards are incredibly pricey due to their scarcity. As a result, completing SBCs like the TOTY Challenge 8 SBCs has become a must for participants. If they achieve the requirements, players will get packets. These packs may also contain a TOTY item, depending on the player’s luck. 

Depending on the platform, the TOTY Challenge 8 SBC costs between 8,000 and 11,000 FUT coins. Players can solve the SBC in a variety of ways. However, it is recommended that they select the technique that utilizes the most fodder. The TOTY Challenge 8, like all previous SBCs in the series, is non-repeatable and can only be completed once. The SBC is also only active for 48 hours until it is removed from the game.

TOTY Challenge 8 SBC: Rewards

Participants in the TOTY Challenge 8 SBC are rewarded with one Mega Pack, which, by default, costs more than the completion fee. The 8th iteration is a must-do simply because of the value it provides in comparison to the cost of the investment. Given the possibility of a zero-cost investment, FIFA 22 gamers can get a lot of bang for their buck. 

In addition, users will receive one token player, which they may utilize in the Future Swaps program whenever it begins. Future Swaps offers several fantastic prizes, such as Future Swaps players and 10 x 85+ player bundles, which may all be redeemed. This provides the gamers with yet more motivation to finish the SBC.

TOTY Challenge 8 SBC
FIFA (Image credit: FIFA)

TOTY Challenge 8 SBC: Tasks

  • Same League Count: Max 6
  • Same Club Count: Max 4
  • Gold Players: Min 4
  • Rare: Exactly 11
  • Squad Rating: Min 70
  • Team Chemistry: Min 95
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

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How to complete TOTY Challenge 8 SBC

You can select the following players to complete the above task.

  • LW: El Shaarawy (Italy, Roma FC)
  • ST: Osimhen  (Nigeria, Napoli)
  • RM: Politano (Italy, Napoli)
  • CAM: Pellegrini (Italy, Roma FC)
  • CAM: Soriano (Italy, Bologna)
  • LWB: Angelino (Spain, RB Leipzig)
  • CB: Gvardiol (Croatia, RB Leipzig)
  • CB: Klostermann (Germany, RB Leipzig)
  • RWB: Mukiele (France, RB Leipzig)
  • CB: Kempf (Germany, VfB Stuttgart)
  • GK: Trapp (Germany, Frankfurt)

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