Pokemon Unite Esports schedule is out. Scroll down and find upcoming Pokemon Unite tournaments, rewards and format.

Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA. Players take part in 5v5 battles in the ranked, custom and standard game modes. Every Pokemon gets movesets along with 3 held items, battle items and boost emblems. A Pokemon’s weakness can be boosted with the emblems. Also, Pokemon gets 3 held items for combat. Battle items are primary equipment and these can be unlocked from trainer rank level 1. 

With the best builds and strong Pokemon, you can dominate the ranked mode. To fight against top-ranked players in Pokemon Unite, e-Sports tournaments will be the best platform. Every month, there are eSports tournaments organized by members from Pokemon Unite. These online and offline tournaments allow Pokemon Unite players to take part in 5v5 and 1v1 battles. The schedule for Pokemon Unite eSports 2024 has been revealed as well.

Pokemon Unite Esports Schedule 2024

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Pokemon Unite Tournament

The Pokemon Unite championship series 2024 is live and trainers from all over the world take part in intense battles against other teams. The regional championships for NA, EU and BR will take place on different dates and some of these tournaments are offline. Here’s the schedule of Pokemon Unite eSports and championship series for the rest of 2024,

March Cup

The March Cup is the next major event in Pokemon Unite eSports and this starts from March 9, 2024. This tournament is for players from North America and it will be a double elimination round as well. The Pokemon Unite March Cup will have best of 3 rounds and the top 8 teams will also qualify for the March Finals on March 16, 2024. Winners will secure championship points, cash prize and a chance to join the Honolulu trip as a part of the Pokemon UCS.

Aeos Cup

Pokemon Unite Aeos Cup will be an EUIC. The top 8 teams will battle on April 5 – 6, 2024 for the trophy. The winners of Aeos Cup will claim championship points, cash prize, participation prizes and a chance to earn the WCS invitation as well.

April Cup

The April Cup will feature plenty of teams from North America. The best 8 teams will qualify for the April Cup finals and earn cash prizes as well. The April Cup Open Qualifier will be held on April 13, 2024. The finals for April Cup Pokemon Unite will take place on April 20, 2024 featuring the top 8 teams.

Pokemon Unite Regional Championships & Regional Finals

The schedule for Regional Championships are out. The Open Qualifier stage of Regional Championships will take place on May 4, 2024 and the top 8 teams will directly advance to the Regional Championship finals on May 11-12, 2024. This league features teams from LA-N, LA-S, OC, BR and EU. 

The NA regional finals will be held on June 7 – June 8, 2024. On the same date and venue, Open Bracket “The Final Stretch” will take place as well. Winners will secure championship points, cash prizes, and qualification to Pokemon Unite WCS. The schedule for the Pokemon World Championships 2024 event is yet to be announced.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite eSports schedule, tournaments, formats, cash prizes and rewards. With the new draft picks feature, you can improve your performances in the Pokemon Unite ranked mode and take part in future esports tournaments as well.


Should I register before participating in Pokemon Unite esports tournaments?

Yes, it’s essential to pre-register for Pokemon Unite Esports tournaments before playing them. You can check upcoming tournaments on the official site and join with your team.

How to Obtain Pokemon Unite Miraidon?

Trainers can unlock Miraidon by spending in-game currency in Pokemon Unite. You have to spend more than 10,000 Aeos Coins to add Miraidon to your party. The other option is to spend around 800 Aeos Gems. There is now free way to unlock Miraidon

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