Pokemon Go Regice Raid Counter Nobody Expected

Do you want to find the best counters to defeat Pokemon Go Regice? Find out the best Pokemon and movesets for the Regice raid.

Completing five-star raids in Pokemon Go needs the best strategies and counters. There have been plenty of raids including the Sierra Leader, Poipole raid and special research tasks for the new season. Regice, the Ice-type Pokemon, appears as a raid boss in a five-star raid. Five-star raids will be frequently available for the current season as well.

Regice is a legendary Pokemon that excels in defense. To defeat Regice, trainers have to utilize the best attackers as counters. Regice gets a huge boost during snow weather and you can use Pokemon with high CP during the snow weather boost. Also, you can earn the Prime Gaming rewards. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Regice Raid top counters, movesets and skills.

Pokemon Go Regice Raid – Best Movesets and Counters

Completing the five-star boss raid against Regice is easy  with the best Pokemon in your party. Regice is vulnerable to attacks of Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel. You can use Pokemon from these elements and avoid using an ice type counter. Here are the top counters to complete the Regice raid in Pokemon Go:

Mega Houndoom

Pokemon Go regice

Mega Houndoom is a top-tier counter against Regice and this Pokemon can be unleashed during Fog and Sunny weather. Mega Houndoom has always been a strong unit for five-star raids. The best moves are,

  • Fire Fang – The fire type fast move attacks harder and drains energy quickly
  • Foul Play – The dark type charge move deals more than 70 damage and will be effective for the raid

Mega Y Charizard

Mega Charizard is a dual-type fire and flying Pokemon. The monstrous unit deals high damage every second and can be utilized during sunny and windy weather. The top 2 moves for Mega Charizard are,

  • Blast Burn – The fire type charge move deals high damage and stuns the target
  • Wing Attack – The flying type fast attack gets increased damage during sunny weather and can negate Regice’s lethal attacks

Mega Blaziken

The Mega Blaziken is fire and fighting dual-type Pokemon. It is a top counter for the boss raid against Regice. Mega Blaziken deals increased damage during sunny and cloudy weather,

  • Counter – The fighting type fast move deals high damage and utilizes little energy
  • Blaze Kick – Blaze Kick is fire type charge attack that has effects for a long time

Mega Aerodactyl

The Rock and Flying Pokemon can explode Regice with its best moves. Mega Aerodactyl has high stamina and endures damage with its shield. 

  • Rock Throw – The Rock type fast move charges quickly and stuns the target for a while. Rock Throw deals high damage during party cloudy weather
  • Rock Slide – Rock Slide, the rock type charge move is effective during windy weather. The move deals over 75 dps and will be menacing for the Pokemon on the other side

Can you Catch Shiny Regice?

Yes, trainers can catch Shiny Regice in the wild regions of Pokemon Go. The Shiny Regice doesn’t spawn frequently, but you can encounter it within a 20 km distance. Shiny Regice Pokemon can be unlocked by completing more raids in the event.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Regice PvP counters, movesets and shiny Regice. Win the Great League with these counters.


How to Catch Regice in Pokemon Go?

Trainers can catch regice Pokemon by completing five-star raids and field research tasks.

Is Shiny Rotom Available in Pokemon Go?

Yes, there’s a shiny version of Pokemon Go Rotom. Trainers can participate in the Sinnoh Tour raids and challenges and unlock Rotom as well. The Sinnoh Tour event can be unlocked through a redemption code.

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