Pokemon Waifu Tier List April 2024 – Best Waifu in Pokemon Ranked

What’s Pokemon Waifu? Who is the best Waifu? Find out the best Pokemon Waifus from the tier list.

Pokemon Card games were not as popular as video games. But since the arrival of TCG, everything has changed. Pokemon TCG card games are popular among youngsters and kids. Even Pokemon female characters have gained fame through new Pokemon games and anime series. Pokemon Waifu cards are something that fans are always excited about. Pokemon Waifus features female characters from various franchises. Here’s the Pokemon Waifu tier list featuring all top Waifus.

Pokemon Waifu Tier List – All Waifus Ranked

TierPokemon Waifus
SCynthia, Delia Ketchum, Nessa, Prima, Professor Ivy
ASonia, Lusamine, Olivia, Sabrina, Diantha
BFlannery, Lisia, Sheena, Nurse Joy, Shelly 
CNessa, Wicke, Officer Jenny

Delia Ketchum

Delia Ketchum is an iconic character from the Pokemon franchise. She’s the mother of Ash, the protagonist of Pokemon Anime. Delia hails from the Pallet Town and Kanto and she’s always known for her positive traits. Delia Ketchum motivates her friends and supports her companions.

Pokemon Waifu tier list
Pokemon Waifu


Olivia has featured in Pokemon Sun & Moon series. She’s from Alola and Island Kahuna. Olivia always trusts other Pokemon and shows compassion towards others. Olivia never gets angry and is loved by others for her caring nature.


Known as the cute little kid, Elesa has featured in. Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2. Elesa is the gym leader of Nimbasa City from the Unova region. She has been admired by other Pokemon and she’s always concerned about her beauty and fitness. Elesa is a model and gym trainer as well.


Sonia is known as the beauty queen. She’s the granddaughter and lab assistant Professor Magnolia. Sonia has been a popular character in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Sonia has had beautiful memories with Leon and Yamper and played gym challenges together. Moreover, Sonia was a novice in her world, but later she was determined to find out the history of the Darkest Day in Galar. Sonia successfully managed to find information about the legends of the first king along with her rival, Hop.


Known as the brave girl, Cynthia hails from the Celestic Town. Cynthia has conquered the Sinnoh region after being a Pokemon trainer in various games. History says Cynthia is an archeologist, but she’s proved that she’s the champion of the Pokemon world. Cynthia has also been an integral part of Team Galactic and Team Rocket and she’s guided Ash and his team several times in both Sinnoh and Unova.


Lusamine owns the Aether Foundation. She arrived from Aether and conquered Alola. Lusamine is the only Waifu to have picked the trainer class, Aether President. Furthermore, Lusamine has been a nightmare for Ultra Beasts and her family only comes secondary during battles. Lusamine has appeared in Generation VII Pokemon games and Pokemon Masters EX as well.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Waifu tier list, best waifus and their history.


Can you Purchase Pokemon Waifu Cards?

Yes, Pokemon Waifu Cards are available just like other TCG cards. You can purchase Waifu cards from the official TCG website or at other websites that have great deals and the best offers.

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