“5 Kalos Pokemon So Powerful They’ll Break the Game! (Number 3 Will Surprise You!)”

What’s a Kalos Pokemon? Which are the best Kalos Region Pokemon? Find out everything about Kalos, Elite Four Pokemon and Pokemon League.

Stories of Pokemon games take place across different regions. In each region, you can Pokemon from different generations as well. You can find more about Pokemon games by generation. With 9 different generations and regions, there are plenty of Pokemon games. Each Pokemon region is based on fictional locations from different countries. Kalos, the 6th region from the Pokemon franchise, has locations from France.

Pokemon X and Y, and Pokémon Legends: Z-A will have stories in the Kalos region. With new towns and cities, the Kalos region has hundreds of Pokemon. All-time powerful Pokemon like Goodra and Hoopa have Kalos as their homes. Many Gen 6 Pokemon from the Pokedex belong to kalos as well. Here’s all about the Kalos region Pokemon, elite four Kalos and more.

Top 5 Kalos Pokemon of All-time 

What’s special about the Kalos region is it has the strongest Pokemon and Gym Leaders. Kalos is also the home to Pokemon League, Elite Four and Champion Pokemon. After clearing all five trainers in Kalos, your squad will get entry to the Hall of Fame. Here are top 5 Kalos Pokemon,


Pokemon Yveltal is a dark and flying Pokemon from Generation 6. Yveltal debuted in Pokemon X and Y. The legendary destruction Pokemon is the beast in Pokemon Y and a part of the Aura Trio. The special ability Dark Aura boosts the dark type attacks for Yveltal. Yveltal is an offensive unit and the Pokemon doesn’t have an evolution form.


Aegislash is a steel and ghost type Pokemon. It has appeared in X and Y,  Sword and Shield. Aegislash plays as a melee All-Rounder in Pokemon Unite. The Gen 6 Pokemon is placed in Pokedex number #681. Aegislash is a Royal Sword Pokemon and Stance Change is its primary skill. The ability transforms Aegislash to its other forms like Blade and Shield. Aegislash evolves from Doublade, which is already an evolution of Honedge.


Kalos Pokemon
Pokemon Volcanion

Volcanion is a rare mythical Pokemon from Central Kalos. This Pokemon has moves from both Fire and Water elements. Volcanion is an all-rounder from Pokemon X and Y. The mythical creature doesn’t have an evolution form. Volcanion boasts stronger movesets like Fire Spin, Steam Eruption and Water Gun. Players can encounter Volcanion from the wild and unlock it as an event exclusive Pokemon as well.


The Grass and Fighting Pokemon from the Gen 6 evolves from Quilladin and Chespin. Chesnaut is a branched evolution Pokemon that’s appeared in Pokemon Go, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokémon X and Y. Chesnaught is a strong attacker and one of the best offensive units. The best moves for Chesnaught are Frenzy Plant, Low Kick and Vine Whip.


Goodra is hailed as the most skilful and strongest Kalos region Pokemon. Goodra has appeared in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon Xand Y, and Pokemon Go. The Gen 6 Pokemon evolves from Goomy and Sliggoo. The Dragon type Pokemon is a top-tier All-Rounder. Dragon Breath, Sap Sipper,  Hydration, Gooey and Draco Meteor are its best moves. Goodra is also a Pseudo Legendary Pokemon, a rare species in the Pokemon Universe.

What’s a Kalos Pokemon League? – Kalos Elite Four Battle!

The Pokemon League is a mighty battle in the Kalos region. After defeating all 8 gym trainers, you have to beat the Elite Four and Champion. The location of Pokemon League is in the North of  Victory Road near a large hill. With all 8 Gym Badges, you can participate in the Pokemon League against the Elite Four. Defeat these five trainers to enter the Kalos Hall of Fame.

That’s everything you need to know about Kalos region Pokemon, Kalos elite four and champion.


What’s the Strength of a Kalos Pokemon?

Just like Pokemon from other generation, Kalos Pokemon have special skills, movesets and combat powers. Kalos Pokemon will be strong in attacking and these Pokemon have the best skills.

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