What’s a Pseudo Legendary Pokemon? Which are the best Pseudo Legendary units? The Pokemon pseudo Legendary Tier list features included all the strongest units.

In Pokemon games, players play as trainers and Pokemon from different Generations and Regions. There are hundreds of Pokemon, different types of elements and thousands of movesets. Every Pokemon in the Pokedex features in one or two games. Players have always focused on unlocking the strongest Pokemon. The Legendary Pokemon is easily the best unit to play.

Be it a normal PvP raid, gym raids or events, legendary Pokemon have always been effective. There’s another version of legendary Pokemon that not many players are aware of. Pseudo Legendary Pokemon is a unique Pokemon type and this species is rarely found. To get the Pseudo Legendary rarity, a Pokemon has many preludes. Here’s all about Pokemon Pseudo Legendary, tier list and best pseudo Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Pseudo Legendary Tier List – All Units Ranked

Pseudo Legendary Pokemon
  • S Tier –  These Pseudo Legendary Pokemon have massive stats and they can deal high damage frequently 
  • A Tier –  A Tier pseudo legendary Pokemon are good for five-star raids and they are the best attackers 
  • B Tier –  Pokemon from this category needs the best moves to win battles
  • C Tier –  These Pseudo Legendary Pokemon are vulnerable to normal attacks and can be used after level upgrades
Tier Pseudo Legendary Pokemon 
SSalamence, Dragonite, Metagross, Kommo-o, Hydreigon, Garchomp
ALarvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Metang, Dragapult, Baxcalibur
BDratini, Shelgon, Goodra

Pseudo Legendary Pokemon Requirements

A Pokemon doesn’t belong to a pseudo legendary category easily. It has to meet the requirements before attaining the pseudo legendary status.

  • Pokemon with exactly 600 base stats
  • The final stage of evolution of Pokemon that has 3 evolution forms
  • Pokemon that requires 1,250,000 experience points to reach rank level 100

Top 5 Pseudo Legendary Pokemon

Pseudo Legendary Pokemon have moves from one or two elements. These Pokemon have high atk and mobility. Here are the 5 best Pseudo Legendary Pokemon,


The Steel and Psychic type Pokemon resembles a robot. The Gen 3 Pseudo Legendary Pokemon spawns in Hoenn and Kanto. Metang is an offensive unit that has a special skill and hidden ability. Metang evolves from Beldum and it again evolves to Metagross.


This dragon and ground dual-type Pseudo Legendary Pokemon was added in Gen 4. Garchomp is a beast with high attack and mobility. The pseudo legendary Pokemon evolves into Mega Garchomp.


Dragonite is a dragon and flying type pseudo-legendary Pokémon from Generation 1. Pokemon Dragonite is an All-Rounder and has a high success rate in five-star raids. Dragonite has two skills. Inner Focus prevents it from flinching and the hidden skill, Multiscale reduces damage at full hp.


The Dragon and Flying type Pokemon from Generation 3 roars and launches heavy attacks. The intimidate ability reduces attacks of enemy’s and Moxie skill increases attacks.


Metagross is a steel and psychic Pokemon that evolves from Metang. This Generation III Pokemon is strong in both offense and defense. Metagross deploys the Clear Body skill and increases its stats. The hidden ability, Light Metal, reduces the weight of Pokemon by a half.

That’s everything you need to know about Pseudo Legendary Pokemon tier list, moves and evolution forms. All pseudo legendaries are ranked based on their stats and powers.


Can Pseudo Legendary Pokemon Evolve?

Yes, Pseudo Legendary Pokemon can evolve just like normal and legendary types. These Pokemon have three evolution forms.

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