Pokemon Masters Tier List (April 2024)- Best Sync Pairs

Are you struggling to win battles in Pokemon Masters EX? From the tier list, you can find the strongest Sync Pairs for each role.

Pokemon Masters EX is a turn-based RPG with competitive multiplayer mode. In Pokemon Masters, trainers engage in 3v3 battles against online teams. You can use moves, potions and sync pairs to overcome challenges. Your journey begins in Pasio island where you have to complete new chapters and stories to win the Pokemon Masters League. Sync Pair is a new feature that allows players to use trainers and a Pokemon in a team. As you complete stories, you will unlock new sync pairs.

Battles are turn-based and your trainers can use available moves, potions and eggs to negate attacks and boost damage. Rewards like tickets, gems and potions can be used to increase rank for each Pokemon. These rewards can also be used to exchange other items from the Pokemon Masters item shop. As you progress in the campaign, you will unlock many sync pairs and eggs.

Players can hatch eggs and add new Pokemon and sync pairs from every region. To win in Pokemon Masters EX, you have to use the strongest Pokemon along with sync pairs. Sync pairs can be earned from item shop for gems and you can complete new chapters and interact with professors to earn these. Be it supporting sync pairs or hybrid sync pairs, your chances get better with them. Here’s the Pokémon Masters EX tier list featuring the best Pokemon and sync pairs.

Pokemon Masters EX Sync Pairs Tier List


Trainers and Pokemon form a sync pair. In Pokemon Masters EX, players have to complete stories, chapters, campaign missions and events to unlock trainers from all regions. You can add these trainers and Pokemon from the Pasio island to your party. 

  • S Tier – S Tier has the strongest sync pairs. You can find as many as five-star sync pairs with the best stats, skills and tactics from this category. These sync pairs can be used for both single-player and co-op battles
  • A Tier – A Tier sync pairs are strong offensive units. These sync pairs constantly buff your units and increase your chances of winning
  • B Tier – In this tier, you can pick the strong DPS sync pairs and upgrade their stats before using them for battles
  • C Tier – C Tier sync pairs have the weakest trainers and Pokemon. Even with their skills and potions, your squad will be vulnerable

S Tier List 

Pokemon Masters Tier List
Sync PairsRole 
Sygna Suit Erika & LeafeonDPS 
Ash & PikachuDPS 
Hilbert & SamurottSupporter 
Dawn & CresseliaSupporter 
Adaman & LeafeonHybrid 
Hilda & VictiniDPS 
Allister, & GourgeistSupporter 
Leon & EternatusDPS 
Maxie & GroudonHybrid 
Leaf & HoopaDPS 
Drasna & DragalgeDPS 
Raihan & FlygonHybrid 
Roark & CranidosSupporter 

A Tier List 

Sync PairsRole
Ingo & AccelgorHybrid 
Hala & CrabominableDPS 
Red & PikachuHybrid 
Kris & SuicuneSupport 
Viola & SurskitHybrid 
Red & Mega Charizard XDPS 
Brendan & LatiosSupport 

B Tier List 

Sync PairsRole 
Brendan & SceptileDPS 
Rachel & UmbreonSupport 
Mallow & TsareenaHybrid 
Ball Guy & AmoongussHybrid 
Silver & Ho-OhDPS 

C Tier List 

Sync Pairs Role
Giovanni & MewtwoDPS 
Diantha & GardevoirDPS 
Skyla & SwannaSupport 
Rosa & DewottHybrid 

With the Pokemon Masters EX tier list, you can utilize the top-tier sync pairs for battles. The key to winning boss fights is to use sync pairs in their best positions and unleash their best moves.


How to Upgrade Sync Pairs ?

Leveling up stats is key to winning battles in the game. In Pokemon Masters EX, you can upgrade stats of Sync Pairs by using in-game currency and playing them in battles. Once you play with sync pairs, their rank levels increase and this enhances their skills in combat.

Who can Play Pokemon Masters EX?

Pokemon Masters EX is a free-to-play turn-based RPG game for Android and iOS. In this game, you can play as both trainers and Pokemon from different generations and regions. Battles take place on the Pasio island.

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