Is Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre Raid returning? How to defeat Primal Kyogre? Find out the best counters and strategies to beat this Primal five-star raid.

The new Pokemon Go season is live with plenty of new research tasks, five-star raids and gym battles. After the recent Sinnoh Tour event challenges, the makers have been launching new raids and battles. The new poison type Pokemon, Poipole, has been added to the wild as well. The next set of raids will feature Primal Kyogre and Groudon as bosses. Primal Kyogre will spawn in the wild frequently and trainers will get a chance to catch its shiny form as well.

Pokemon Go trainers can encounter Primal Kyogre on March 17, 2024, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. Also, players can take part in more remote raids during this time. Trainers can tussle against Primal Kyogre  in 5-Star Primal Raids. Defeating the Primal Kyogre gets easier with the best counters and moves. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre raid counters, best pokemon and moves.

Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre Raid

Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre Raid
Primal Kyogre
Pokemon Strength Weakness Counters 
Primal Kyogre Fire, Ice, Steel, WaterElectric, GrassMega Sceptile, Zarude, Shadow Raikou, Mega Venusaur, Xurkitree 

Primal Kyogre is a Water-type Pokemon and it will appear with more than 2000 CP for this five-star Primal raid. It will get boosted by rainy weather for a short time. To win the raid against Primal Kyogre, you have to deploy the strongest Electric and Grass type Pokemon. Here are the top 5 counters to win the Primal Kyogre raid,

Mega Sceptile

The grass and dragon will be a lethal counter to win the Primal Kyogre challenge.  Mega Sceptile’s stats are boosted by sunny and windy weather and the best moves are,

  • Frenzy Plant – The grass type charge stuns opponents and deals more than 100 dps
  • Fury Cutter – The bug type fast move boosts attacks and will another stronger moveset to Primal Kyogre


With high CP and Stamina, Zarude is your trump card to defeat Primal Kyogre. Zarude gets damage boost during Fog and Sunny weather. You can use these moves of Zarude for the raid,

  • Power Whip – The grass type charge move attacks harder and deals 90 Dps
  • Vine Whip – The grass type fast move is an excellent skill for Zarude that can be used to enhance its basic attack


Xurkitree is a top-tier offensive unit and one of the best electric Pokemon in the game. Xurkitree’s damage stats will be doubled during rainy weather. The top 2 moves of Xurkitree are,

  • Thunder Shock – This electric type fast move shocks opponents and unleashes heavy attacks
  • Discharge – With this electric type charge move, you can stun Primal Kyogre for a short time and launch attacks

Shadow Raikou

The Shadow version of Raikou is one of the best counters for five-star raids. This electric type Pokemon gets a huge damage boost during rainy weather. Shadow Raikou’s best movesets are,

  • Thunder Shock – Thunder Shock uses little energy and this electric type fast move will be an excellent counter for this raid
  • Wild Charge – The best charge move for Shadow Raikou and this electric type move explodes opponents and deals over 90 Dps. Wild Charge has special effects and these will reduce the defense of Primal Kyogre by 30%

Mega Venusaur

The Grass and Poison will be the best counter during sunny and cloudy weather. Mega Venusaur has a high success ratio for five-star raids and this makes it a top counter against Primal Kyogre. The strongest moves of Mega Venusaur are,

  • Frenzy Plant – The grass type charge move deals 100 dps and makes opponents vulnerable till it’s active
  • Vine Whip – This grass type fast move negates attacks of Primal Kyogre and boosts damage and will be another best counter to beat the Pokemon

Win the Five-star Primal Kyogre Raid

With these best counters, you can win the Five-star raids against Primal Kyogre. During this time, trainers can catch a Shiny Primal Kyogre and chances will increase for those who complete 10 raids. By exploiting the weakness of Primal Kyogre, you can complete this challenge efficiently. The remote raid limit will be increased to 20 and trainers will receive 5 additional raid passes by spinning Gym Photo Discs.

Purchase Event Ticket

Trainers can also purchase the Event Ticket from the in-game item shop once the raid goes live in Pokemon Go. Players who have the event ticket will get 50% extra XP, rare candy XL, and x2 star dust from raid battles. Also, you can get 8 extra raid passes by spinning photo discs at the gym.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre raid, best counters, and rewards. Find out everything about the new Lucky Egg Feature.


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