Here is a guide to Minecraft Enchanted Books. We have mentioned where to find them and how to use them. Read it carefully to know everything about it.

An enchanted book is an artifact that allows players to use an anvil to add enchantments to specific goods. As part of the “treasure” category, enchanted books can be gained as “treasure” items by fishing with a fishing rod. The book has the same level of enchantment as a level 30 enchantment from an enchantment table, but treasure enchantments are available, and the possibility of multiple enchantments is not lowered.

Enchanting a book on an enchantment table allows players to create an enchanted book. Books have a lower “enchant ability level” than most other goods and have a lower possibility of receiving multiple enchantments (particularly, if multiple enchantments are added, one is removed at random). Mending, for example, is a treasure enchantment that cannot be obtained via an enchantment table.

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Minecraft Enchanted Books: How to find

You will undoubtedly come across several enchanted books while exploring Minecraft without even seeking them. In bastion ruins, desert temples, dungeons, mineshafts, pillager outposts, underwater ruins, and forest mansions, enchanted books can be found within chests.

Another wonderful technique to get your hands on charming books without getting into too much trouble is to go fishing. It’s usually better to have a fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea enchantment if you want to boost your chances of discovering additional lucrative treasures like this one. The chances of catching an enchanted book with an ordinary fishing rod are extremely tiny, at only 0.8 percent.

With Luck of the Sea I, the figure rises to 1.2 percent, then 1.5 percent with Luck of the Sea II, and finally 1.9 percent with Luck of the Sea III, a huge difference. However, you might want to try setting up an AFK fishing farm.

Minecraft Enchanted Books: How to trade

Minecraft Enchanted Books
Minecraft Enchanted Book (Image credit: Minecraft fandom0

Librarian villagers in Bedrock Edition have a 50% chance of selling enchanted books as part of their trades at novice, apprentice, and journeyman levels, and a 13% chance of selling enchanted books as part of their crafts at the expert level, meaning each librarian villager can sell up to four volumes. They cost 1 book and 5-64 emeralds, depending on the enchantment level (for example, Infinity and Protection I both cost 5-19 emeralds), with treasure enchantments (such as Mending) costing twice as much.

Librarian villagers in Java Edition have a 2/3 chance of selling enchanted books as part of their crafts at the novice, apprentice, and journeyman levels, and a 50% chance at the expert level, allowing each librarian to sell up to four volumes. They cost 1 book and 5-64 emeralds depending on the enchantment’s level (for example, Infinity and Protection I both cost 5–19 emeralds), but treasure enchantments (such as Mending) cost twice as much.

How to use Enchanted Books

Minecraft Enchanted Books
Minecraft (Image credit: Minecraft fandom0

Enchanted books, such as Unbreaking on shields, are the only way to get certain enchantments on certain equipment in Survival. The sprite of enchanted books has a gleam. To utilize an enchanted book, the player must first place an item in the anvil’s first slot, then a book in the second. The player must have the needed amount of experience in order to finish the enchantment. 

It’s worth noting that employing an enchanted book at the anvil results in huge savings. Similar to combining tools or weapons, enchanted books can be combined to form a single book with more or different enchantments. When two things are combined, the matching enchantments from the second slot’s book are transferred to the first slot’s item, preserving the highest level of any kind. 

When two enchantments of the same level and a higher level are available, they merge to become the next level. If a book is used on an object that can’t use all of the spells in it, the spells that can be used are transferred, while the spells that can’t are lost. Enchanted books are one-time usage only. 

The magic of enchanted books is not visible. When used as a weapon, a book with Sharpness IV as an enchantment causes no more damage than an unenchanted book or any non-weapon item. The Fire Aspect book, which can start campfires and ignite TNT, is an exception, as is the Mending book if the block mined can be smashed with a fist. ‌

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