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We have brought you a guide on how to beat great shinobi owl in Sekiro. Follow our guide carefully and defeat this boss.

The next battle in Sekiro is Great Shinobi Owl, which can be located in the Ashina Castle section after Guardian Ape in our tour of the game’s bosses and mini-bosses. On top of Ashina Castle, where you previously faced Genichiro Ashina, you’ll discover Great Shinobi Owl waiting for you.

In this guide, we’ve covered how to beat the Great Shinobi Owl in Sekiro, as well as any particularly powerful or weak ways or vulnerabilities they may have, as well as any useful tips to keep in mind.

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How to start?

If you wish to confront the Great Shinobi Owl atop Ashina Castle, there are a few details to keep in mind, since they are related to the outcome you choose.

  • You must first acquire all of Lord Kuro’s important plot objects, which include those obtained by defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys, Corrupted Monk, and Guardian Ape.
  • Except for the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance, all of Ashina Castle’s Sculptor’s Idols will be kept away from quick travel. When you’re ready for a battle, go there and work your way back up to the top of Ashina Castle, just as you did for Genichiro Ashina.
  • At the summit, you’ll have to choose a decision. One path leads to Emma and Isshin Ashina, as well as the ‘bad’ conclusion. “Break the Iron Code,” the other, leads to this battle with Great Shinobi Owl.
  • So, after the mid-game bosses, return to the castle, climb to the top, select to Break the Iron Code, and you’ll face this boss fight.

How to beat Great Shinobi Owl

How to beat Great Shinobi Owl
Great Shinobi Owl (Image credit: Playstation)

Owl is a huge mass of muscle that stands at least eight feet tall. The key to winning this war is not to be intimidated by his size and to go toe-to-toe with him whenever possible. Dodging and slicing Owl’s health with single hits will be the order of the day in this battle.

  • When Owl flips in the air at you, it’s the best strike to counter. Avoid the onslaught and land some simple blows.
  • Sidestep around Owl when he dumps the health bomb and gets in one swift hit.
  • If you can recognize when Owl is about to kick you and immediately step back, he will miss his assault and you will be able to get in a few rapid blows.
  • Owl is vulnerable to the firecracker, although he may counter with a firecracker strike of his own.

He will only appear if you choose specific speech options in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Owl will emerge at the end of the game, at the top of Ashina Castle, asking Wolf to remember the Iron Code and abandon Kuro. What you say here is really important. If you choose Owl, you’ll fight two bosses (one of them is Isshin Ashina), resulting in the game’s ‘poor’ ending. Reject Owl and stick with Kuro until the game’s prolonged finish portion, which includes many bosses and additional places. But first, you’ll have to go through Owl.

How to beat Great Shinobi Owl: First phase

How to beat Great Shinobi Owl
Sekiro (Image credit: Playstation)

In the first phase, Owl has a restricted amount of attacks. The assault you’re aiming to provoke is the one in which he throws two shurikens at you in quick succession before leaping into the air and crashing into the ground where you were standing. Move out of the path while he’s in the air and stab him with a couple of fast attacks when he lands.

Another attack you may use is when Owl kicks your sword. Owl will kick thin air if you take a step back at precisely the right moment, allowing you to land a single attack before retreating to safety.

Owl is going to throw a special bomb at you if he pauses and reaches into his pocket. While this explosion isn’t harmful, it will prevent you from using healing items like the Healing Gourd and Pellets for a short while. You can obtain two hits on Owl by just sidestepping this strike to the right before he gets a chance to change animations.

Owl, like Wolf, is a Shinobi, thus he has some tricks up his sleeve. He holds an enhanced version of the Firecracker, which creates an exploding wall in front of him. When you notice black dust in the air ahead of you, instantly leap or step backward. The goal of this fight is to master Owl’s attack patterns so that your deflections are flawless. There are some assaults when it’s best to stay your ground, such as when Owl comes forward with a sweeping attack to his left.

How to beat Great Shinobi Owl: Second phase

How to beat Great Shinobi Owl
Sekiro (Image credit: Playstation)

Owl has received some improvement in the fight’s second phase. He’ll now unleash blotches of poison, which cover sections of the arena for about 10 seconds, instead of rebounding off you into the air and throwing shurikens a t you. Either stay away from them or pack antidote powder.

During this point of the fight, it could be a good idea to use the Firecracker Prosthetic. The Firecracker is excellent at stopping Owl in his tracks, allowing you to heal or lay into him with a few quick hits.

We’d also suggest learning the Whirlwind Slash Combat Art. This is particularly useful when avoiding Owl’s anti-healing bomb since it allows you to land many strikes as well as Posture damage in a short amount of time. Once you’ve finished fighting Owl, the Great Shinobi, you’ll be well into the last stretch of Sekiro. For your accomplishments, you’ll receive the Memory: Great Shinobi, which boosts your attack strength.

Note: He’ll go down pretty quickly if you’re patient and don’t get too excited about landing more strikes than you feel you can safely land. You’ll be alright if you gain a solid sense of the range you want to be in when dashing around the arena to securely bate his gap-closers and reply accordingly.

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