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Playing Minecraft can be done in a variety of ways. You can either train to be a committed speedrunner and compete against the clock, or you can design your own universe. The sky is the limit when it comes to the multiplayer component of the game. You’ll never be bored in Minecraft, with endless minigames and community servers to choose from.

“SMP” is an abbreviation for “Survival Multiplayer.” SMP servers enable players to enjoy a Minecraft survival world as a group. Players on SMP servers can explore the world, farm resources, and build towns together.

SMP servers have few plugins and are very similar to vanilla Minecraft survival. The SMP servers are fun to play on because they have a close-knit community feel to them. These Minecraft servers have grown in popularity in recent years. This is primarily due to the fact that they have been featured by a number of popular YouTubers, including Dream and his top-rated DreamSMP series.

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Minecraft SMP Guide: Different types of servers


Not every Minecraft player prioritizes the game’s PvP aspect. PvP can even be a drag for creative-focused players at times, as there may be players attempting to grief your process. PvP is disabled on peaceful SMP servers, allowing players to progress and communicate in a more relaxed but less eventful environment.


Skyblock SMP servers could be viewed as a race against the clock. When you join one, you’ll be transported to a floating island. Your sole objective will be to find a way to maximize all the resources you have in order to ensure your survival on the island while also expanding it.


Most SMPs have rules, and breaking them might result in you being blacklisted. Look no farther than Anarchy SMP servers if you want to jump right into the action without having to perform any prep work.

Anarchy SMP servers have no restrictions, which means that players can do whatever they want on them. The rule less life may appear pleasant at first, but owing to the toxic environment of these servers, it can quickly become tedious.


Factions are the most closely related server type to the SMP experience you’ll encounter on YouTube. You can join a group and claim territory, plunder, or even fight against other factions on Factions SMP servers.

Factions SMP servers tend to emphasize the PvP feature of Minecraft, as you’ll need to handle faction conflicts in some way if diplomacy isn’t an option.


Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, the untouched Minecraft experiences can be refreshing. It’s even more enjoyable with friends, which is where the Vanilla SMP servers come in.

Vanilla SMP servers will allow you and your friends to relive the core Minecraft experience. While no content will be lost, you will not have access to the quality-of-life features that some modes bring to the table.


Even if you want to go to Vanilla, you may not want to go all the way. After acclimating to the meta, the Vanilla experience may begin to feel sluggish or simply a grind. Semi-Vanilla servers attempt to address this by allowing plugins that enhance the core gameplay without significantly altering it.


Every day, many gamers are drawn in by the basic Minecraft gameplay experience. However, when players become more immersed in the game, they begin to discover all of the mods that make Minecraft even more enjoyable.

Modded SMP servers will require users to download a set of mods before they can join the server. These are required in order to fully utilize the server’s capabilities. The requirements will vary for each server, thus you may need a whole different set of mods to play on another. This includes everything from aesthetics to gameplay.

For those of you who spend most of your time in modded SMP servers, it might be a good idea to create separate mod folders that you can drag on drop depending on what server you’ll be playing on.

Minecraft SMP Guide: How to join

Minecraft SMP Guide
Minecraft (Image credit: Minecraft)

Joining an SMP server in Minecraft is usually no different from joining any other server. To join a server, look for one near you on a server list and enter its IP address into Minecraft. When you initially enter a server, you may be greeted with a set of rules. Taking notice of such regulations can save your life later if you want to stay on that server.

There are additional SMP servers that are based on invitations or reviews and are more focused on role-playing. These servers normally have their own website where they accept and review applicants one by one. These request forms may ask you to construct your character ahead of time, as well as compose a backstory that you’ll stick to once you’re on the server.

Although a roleplaying SMP server may sound like a lot of work, it can be a great experience for many Minecraft players, since roleplayers take the game very seriously. The more involved you become with a server, the more you’ll learn about the narrative, and you may end up as one of the most important characters.

Minecraft SMP Guide: Use Mods

Minecraft SMP Guide
Minecraft (Image credit: Minecraft)

In your realm, don’t be scared to employ modifications or custom worlds. On their SMPs, people make a variety of amusing and humorous modifications. A horror mod that darkens the environment and makes mobs frightening. SMP never needs to be in a vanilla Minecraft world thanks to a new dimension custom world, a middle earth mod that broadens the landscape and modifies the terrain entirely. Mods may be used to a fair level to allow everyone on your server to enjoy it and have even more fun than before.

Minecraft SMP Guide: Invite friends

Only invite close friends. Once you begin inviting strangers and giving access to your server to completely random people your lively SMP will start to become much less of an SMP and much more of an anarchy server. Because they don’t respect you or know you and you probably don’t want that unless you’re crazy about places. That isn’t how you make an exactly functional SMP so yes do only invite close friends. 

Minecraft SMP Guide: Set Communication Platform

Set up a communication hub for your SMP’s members to communicate. This might be a Google Hangouts chat or a Discord server, but you must have a mechanism to connect with your other players other than the in-game chat. You can build a community and a group of individuals that like playing the game together this way.

Minecraft SMP Guide: Automatic Farms

Minecraft SMP Guide
Minecraft (Image credit: Minecraft)

Keep the number of automated farms as low as feasible. Players cease struggling with autonomous farms, and everyone gets all they need at the flick of a lover’s switch or after a few seconds of being AFK. You’re basically in the creative mode once you’ve got a gunpowder farm, a villagers’ breeding farm, and an iron farm.

This is because you can get anything without having to work hard for it, and if you’re on creative mode, you’re completely defeating the point of a survival multiplayer. Set a restriction on which automated farms are permitted or have as few automatic farms as feasible on your server, but don’t fully ban them.

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