Ubisoft’s latest game, Clash of Beasts, has already reached more than 100k downloads on the play store so far. Read our detailed Clash of Beasts review.

Despite being a mobile strategy game, Clash of Beasts is unlike other mobile strategy games you may be familiar with. This game puts you in control of huge beasts rather than armies or warriors. The game also combines traditional strategy game elements with tower defense, as well as multiplayer elements. Unlike Clash of Clans, you cannot drag your army of different categories into battle. For the fights, you will only have a few dragons that you have unlocked in Clash of Beasts. You can battle anyone with those few dragons.

The 3D visuals of Clash of Beasts thoroughly immerse you in each combat. After you’ve chosen your monsters, all you have to do now is pick an opponent and prepare for a thrilling PvP encounter. When you come across enemy fortifications, touch on them to demolish them with the combined force of your monsters.

It is imperative that you give everything you’ve got when you get to your opponent’s base. If you succeed, you’ll receive a slew of goodies to help you strengthen your monsters and unlock new ones. In a cooperative mode, you may team up with your pals and combat your adversaries.

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Clash of Beasts Review: A lot of Beasts to control

You may command a staggering 65 beasts, allowing you to rule both the land and the air while wreaking havoc on your enemies. You may acquire, train, and experiment with a broad range of animals, tweaking their individual classes to best fit your fighting strategy. On your quest to become the Ultimate Beastmaster, you’ll encounter various spirit combinations and legendary beasts.

Beasts must be summoned with soulstones, and some can be fused to create new monsters. Shadescale and Talvara, for example, can give birth to Brightwing, Shalegrasp, and Iridoz. Monsters have distinct affinities as well; for example, you should avoid assaulting islands with beasts that share that island’s affinity. Otherwise, your beast’s attack power and mana recharge will be reduced.

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Clash of Beasts Review: Battles

Clash of Beasts review
Clash of Beasts (Image credit: Ubisof)

A smartphone strategy game like Clash of Beasts has surprisingly dynamic battles. Slide your finger across the screen to control your beast’s weapon as it advances through the fortress.

The goal is to keep your finger on the towers of your opponent to demolish them before they can destroy you. You have talents to use in addition to your primary weapon, which has a range of offensive and defensive benefits. The war is over after you’ve destroyed 70% of your opponent’s base. If your beast dies in combat, you can summon another to carry on the attack.

Speaking of beasts, you have different options to attack with different beasts

Clash of Beasts review
Clash of Beasts (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Swipe: Some beasts attack if you swipe on the screen. This method is quite nice as it makes it easier and more fun to destroy the towers.

Hold: You attack the enemy by holding on to the screen. This method is slightly boring as you just have to hold on while the beast does its job. But remember, the battles are not always easy.

Tap: You can attack the enemy by continuously tapping on the targets. This method is a bit difficult as you are not very quick with it. But with strong beasts, you can easily win the battles with the tap beasts too.

You can directly attack anyone in the global chat

Clash of Beasts review
Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense (Image credit: Ubisoft)

The best thing is that if you’re in a global chat with someone, you can just click on them, access their profile, and attack them. This is enjoyable since it allows you to meet new people online, have a chat, and just prove to each other who has the finest beasts in the game. Surprisingly, if you have strong beasts, you might actually get a lot of loot by defeating the players from the chat. For this, read How to get in-game Currency – Gems, Gold, and Essence

Joining a guild and conquering territory with your allies is another way to make online friends. Using your guild to coordinate attacks may help you storm enemy strongholds and lay siege to their territory all around the world. Every new season will provide new material, as well as weekly events with big prizes, so there’ll always be something to look forward to in terms of rare animals, limited skins, and other goodies.

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