We have brought you the Minecraft Blast Furnace Guide which includes how to craft and how to use it in detail.

The sole way to cook or smelt objects in Minecraft used to be by using a furnace. The village and pillage updates were introduced in early 2019. The smoker and the blast furnace were among the many new items included. 

The smoker and the blast furnace have a lot in common, although they serve quite distinct purposes. To begin with, a standard furnace can both smelt food and ores. Only food can be smelted in a smoker, but only ores may be smelted in a blast furnace. Below is a Minecraft Blast Furnace Guide that tells you how to craft and use it.

Minecraft Blast Furnace Guide
Minecraft Blast Furnace (Image credit: YouTube)

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Minecraft Blast Furnace Guide: How to craft

You’ll need a Furnace, 5 Iron Ingots, and 3 Smooth Stone to create a furnace. Making a blast furnace isn’t as difficult as you would imagine. First and foremost, you must construct a furnace. You’ll need eight pieces of cobblestone to make a furnace. The first step in mining cobblestone is to obtain a wooden pickaxe. Three wooden planks and two sticks are required to make a wooden pickaxe. You can place those resources on your crafting table once you’ve got them.

Because caverns are lined with stone, getting stone shouldn’t be too difficult. A cave will contain any grey stone you see below. All you have to do now is lay eight cobblestones along the boundaries of a crafting table. Using the furnace you built, you may get a smooth stone. Simply smelt cobblestone twice in a furnace to obtain the smooth stone. 

Minecraft Blast Furnace Guide
Minecraft Blast Furnace (Image credit: YouTube)

Cobblestone will transform into stone the first time you smelt it in your furnace. A smooth stone is produced when the stone is smelted in a furnace. Remember that you’ll need three more pieces of cobblestone to complete the project.

It’s time to collect the five iron ingots you’ll need now that you have your smooth stone and furnace. You’ll need to make a stone pickaxe for this. After that, you must enter a mine. Five blocks of iron ore are what you’re looking for. Only a stone pickaxe or any pick above a stone pickaxe may mine iron ore. You must smelt your iron ore into an iron ingot after you have mined it. You’ll need to put it in a furnace to do this.

Mine your furnace

You’ll need to mine your furnace once you’ve collected five iron ore and three smooth stone blocks. The crafting recipe necessitates the furnace. Simply position your blast furnace in the crafting table’s middle. The three smooth stones will be placed in the bottom row, while the iron ingots will be placed in the top column and two side squares.

You should add them to your foundation now that you’ve successfully developed your first blast furnace. They will smelt ores twice as fast, but they will also use fuel twice as fast. Make sure you have enough coal on hand since you’ll need it.

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Minecraft Blast Furnace Guide: How to use it

Minecraft Blast Furnace Guide
Minecraft Blast Furnace (Image credit: YouTube)

It is similar to using a regular furnace to use a Blast Furnace. Simply place some fuel in the bottom-left section, and then add the smeltable item to the top-left section. The Blast Furnace can only smelt things. However, while they do this twice as fast, they also use twice as much fuel. 

In addition to smelting ore into ingots, you can also use the Blast Furnace to fabricate armor, weapons, and tools. All other materials must go through a furnace. As well as being the block associated with the armorer profession, the Blast Furnace is associated with the armorer profession within a village.

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