The latest Yu Gi Oh game, “Master Duel” has arrived. Read our Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Review as there are a few disappointments.

This game is a better representation of Yu-Gi-actual Oh’s cards in recent years. Unlike Duel Links, which focuses on fast-paced battle and nostalgia for anime narratives, the game’s duel rules are the traditional ocg-rules, which are one of the most intricate rules in card games. 

The major pleasures of Yu-Gi-Oh are the enormous number of cards, the wide range of rules, all flowers are in bloom decks, unexpected scenarios, and the reversal of life after death. Currently, the game’s soundtrack, setting design, and animation effects are all satisfactory. At the same time, new players may create their own deck for a relatively minimal cost, which is critical for a card game’s player experience. 

The main drawback at the moment is that the expense of adding a second deck after the first is quite significant (except for some general-purpose cards). Tiered decks are likewise condemned to exist due to the game’s nature. The mainstream decks’ hold over the environment remains unshakeable at the moment. Let us anticipate how Konami will balance and cooperate in the future.

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Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Review: What should be improved?

The learning cost of ocg-rules is very high for novice players. A lengthy adjustment time may be required for new players. Duel Link is still a good choice for fans of Yu-Gi-Oh’s animation who wish to play a simple duel. One concern that many gamers have is that the adversary they are up against is often quite powerful. While playing duels at the beginning of the game, the foes you fight do not match your skill levels. It’s fair to claim that the duel system is currently unbalanced.

If you’ve been following YuGiOh for all these years, some of you might accept this game. People will execute 50 card combinations on you during turn 1 after spending 5 minutes or more building up their board. The timer never seems to run out. The game’s solo mode is enjoyable and teaches you certain combinations and decks. You earn a lot of pay currency by completing solitary work, which is also wonderful. In the most competitive duelists, a combination of persistence and stoicism should bring out the best in them.

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Review
Yu Gi Oh Master Duel (image credit Konami)

More flexible customization needs to be introduced to private lobbies or “deck rooms.” This is needed so that players have complete choice over how the lobby is set up and those browsing the lobbies have more information on what/who the lobby is for. 

You can add banned cards, but you won’t be able to play them in lobbies that don’t allow them. Right now, the only way you’re ever doing it is in private lobbies with your pals. Make sure they aren’t filtered out in the deck editor if they aren’t showing up. By default, it filters out all banned cards.

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Review: Conclusion

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Review
Yu Gi Oh Master Duel (Image credit: Konami)

The time constraints are quite strict. It takes a long time for the turns to finish. Most opponents’ turns seem to go on for an eternity. The timer is set too long. Still, the music is banging, and it’s a lot of fun if you have a lot of pals to play with. When you’re drawing cards, the game looks really professional, and your dopamine levels are sky-high. 

To survive, this series requires a constrained format. Duel Links was a smash hit since it was simpler, lacked all the crazy combinations, and didn’t have a large card pool. When you want to play an archtype that isn’t in the harsh top tier, the game encourages you to play ranked, yet rated feels horrible.

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