Lost Ark Thunderwings Boss – Where to Find, Rewards, Bonus Tips

We have brought you the Lost Ark Thunderwings boss guide. Learn about the location and rewards and also see the bonus tips at the end.

Lost Ark has daily activities and field bosses are one of them that allows you to team up with other players in the field to take on a particularly difficult boss. You’ll get a lot of loot if you defeat the boss, including valuable collectibles and respectable material for upgrading your gear.

Once you defeat the Lost Ark Thunderwings, who is a field boss, you will get some important materials that will be helpful for your tier 3 gear honing. If you are at item level 1,460 or above then only confront this boss or else it will be very difficult for you to survive in the fight if you are at a lower level. 

Thunderwings boss gameplay
Thunderwings boss gameplay (YouTube)

However, it is not impossible so do not worry about it as our guide will tell you all the things you need to know about the Lost Ark Thunderwings boss. So, without wasting any time, read below to know where you can find and defeat this boss to get the rewards.

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Lost Ark Thunderwings Boss Location

Make your way to the South Vern continent, which is in the middle of the world map. Then, following the game’s main story will lead you to your destination while also ensuring that you are at the appropriate level for the area. Therefore, you will be at a level where you can stand in front of the boss and fight it.

You will find Thunderwings in the area of Candria. When you go towards the west of the region, in a large open area, you will find an NPC where you will be able to start the quest. The quest is called Falling Black Leaves. 

Thunderwings boss gameplay
Thunderwings boss gameplay (YouTube)
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How to beat Thunderwings Boss

You will have around three minutes to reach the boss and find a group and once you are done with this, the fight will begin. Thunderwings can reset if you go too close to the edge of the circle so keep that in your mind. Therefore, try to be at the center of the map with your group. 

In the beginning, we said that it might be difficult to survive if you are on a lower level. We said it because the attacks like silver jewels and tornadoes can kill you instantly. If you are above that level then it is not much of a concern. Try to dodge these attacks then it will be easy for you to stay on the field and fight for longer. 


Once you defeat Thunderwings, you will get the first kill bonus and also some epic gear from a chest. In addition to that, you will get some honing materials, currencies, and other resources. 

Thunderwings boss gameplay
Thunderwings boss gameplay (YouTube)
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Bonus Tips

  • Every hour in the exact same location the boss will spawn and you can even check with your Procyon’s Compass to know about the timer.
  • Every time you beat Thunderwings, you will get all the same rewards except for the chest. However, it can be done only once a day.
  • Keep Thunderwings inside the circle or else it will reset.

So, this was everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Thunderwings boss. Follow the guide carefully so that you can earn all the amazing rewards.

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