We have brought you a guide that will tell you how to beat Odin in Final Fantasy 13. Follow the guide carefully to know everything. 

Odin is a boss in Final Fantasy 13 that will test your patience. This boss is not very easy to defeat and will surely make you frustrated. However, if you carefully follow a few steps, you will be able to defeat Odin. But how to beat Odin? The answer is in our guide. Read our guide below to know everything about this boss fight.

Odin fight gameplay
Odin fight gameplay (YouTube)
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Preparation for the boss fight

At the beginning of the battle, Odin inflicts Doom on the party leader, and instead of defeating him, Lightning must fill Odin’s Gestalt Bar completely. As an aggressive Eidolon, Odin initially targets Hope with physical attacks and periodic Thundara attacks. Lightning will be able to satisfy Odin by establishing chain bonuses and healing.

In order to heal from Odin’s strikes, Lightning will need to do both. Hope will not be able to heal enough from his strikes. The shield of Ullr is often held by Odin during a quick healing break or uninterrupted attacking phase.

The player should equip both Spark Rings, or a Silver Bangle if one was missed, in order to deal with Odin’s Thunder-elemental attacks. To mitigate this, the player should use the Double Dose paradigm. To increase her chain bonus, Lightning should attack for as long as possible when she switches to the Commando or Ravager roles.

Odin fight gameplay
Odin fight gameplay (YouTube)
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How to beat Odin in Final Fantasy 13

When Odin is in attack mode, or when Hope is nearing exhaustion, use Lightning as a Medic while keeping Hope as a Ravager. The player should use both Lightning and Hope as Ravagers when Odin takes a defensive stand or the health bars in both are full enough. 

As Odin will alternate between attacking both characters for an unspecified period of time, another good strategy might be to have the character he is not attacking become a Ravager and perform continuous attacks on Odin with magic. On the other hand, the character he is attacking should perform healing as a Medic, then switch roles when he turns his focus back to the other character.

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Also, because the Gestalt Gauge is a test of lightning’s strength, it fills up faster when Lightning is the Medic than when Hope is the Medic. As a result, the Slash & Burn and Yin & Yang paradigms are two of the most effective. Hope might be able to cast Protect faster if he starts the battle as a Synergist, since Odin is powerful.

By keeping all these things in mind, and just focusing on your health, you will be able to beat Odin in Final Fantasy 13 very easily. However, it might take some time and patience, as Odin will not let you deal damage very easily. Follow the guide properly and you will be able to beat Odin.

Odin fight gameplay
Odin fight gameplay (YouTube)

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