With the help of the Lost Ark Hypnos’s Eyes Guide, you will get to know its location, questline, mokoko seeds, and much more.

Hypnos’s Eyes is a mysterious island in Lost Ark, first introduced by Captain Blackfang as part of the main story. It is home to a sect of pirates led by Blue-Eyed Calvasus, one of the “kings of the sea” and a close friend of Captain Blackfang. This island has plenty of activities to offer, from the main questline to a Rapport NPC to gain their trust, five Mokoko Seeds to collect, an Island Soul to acquire, and Una’s Task to keep you coming back every day. In Lost Ark Hypnos’s Eyes Guide, we will explain everything.


Lost Ark Hypnos’s Eyes Guide: Location

Hypnos’s Eyes is a small island located in the southern Sea of Procyon, just north of the port city of Punika. It sits in the center of the level three Siren Seas. Therefore, it is important to prepare your ship before navigating to the island. If you have access to the Bifrost portal, you can use it to travel directly to Hypnos’s Eyes. Alternatively, you can set your Song of Return to Punika and sail from there, as the distance is short. If you don’t have access to Punika yet, Rohendel is the next closest port to Hypnos’s Eyes, other than Punika’s Tideshelf Path.

Lost Ark Hypnos’s Eyes Guide: Questline

The quest “Scoop, Hypnos’s Eyes” for Hypnos’s Eyes starts with Arthetinian Reporter Burnstein on Gravis, just northeast of Hypnos’s Eyes. The quest is straightforward and rewards you with silver, virtue points, and tier 2 honing materials bound to your roster. If you’re playing on a tier 3 character, make sure to store the tier 2 honing materials in your roster storage instead of binding them to you. The final quest, “Unforgettable,” can be found by interacting with the hidden object, Reporter Burnstein’s camera, located in Blue-Eyed Calvasus’s home.

Island Soul

Obtaining the Island Soul for Hypnos’s Eyes is linked to gaining the trust of Blue-Eyed Calvasus, the large and powerful pirate captain. You must reach the rank of trusted to get the Island Soul. But Calvasus gives more than just the Soul to you; he also offers rewards and other benefits.

Rapport rewards with Blue-Eyed Calvasus vary depending on the rank you achieve with him. At Normal rank, you receive 8 Ancient Gold Coins which is equivalent to 8,000 silver. At Amicable rank, you get 2 Bloodclaw’s Glittering Coins, which is worth 1,000 pirate coins. 

Friendly rank rewards you with a vitality increase potion and an epic quality Calvasus card. Trusted rank offers the best rewards, including Hypnos’s Eyes Island Soul, 9th Giant’s Heart, Masterpiece #29, and three Tragon Blueprints. Achieving trusted rank with Blue-Eyed Calvasus requires a substantial 38,200 rapport points. Although the point requirement is high, the rewards make it well worth the effort. 

The Island Soul, Giant’s Heart, and Masterpiece alone are valuable collectibles and are difficult to obtain in the game. If you’re considering where to spend your relic rapport gifts, Blue-Eyed Calvasus is definitely one of the best options.

Lost Ark Hypnos’s Eyes Guide: Mokoko Seed Locations

The first Mokoko Seed is in the southwestern part of the island, near the entrance. It is located between a pile of fish and a set of stairs.

The second and third Mokoko Seeds are in a hidden area accessible from the tavern. To reach the hidden area, head to the tavern. This is where you typically start Una’s Task to gain access to the arena. Now, you will have to go to the back of the tavern and you’ll find a hidden ladder next to Battery Commander Aldo. This ladder leads to the basement where the two Mokoko Seeds are located.

One of the seeds is visible on the left side of the room while the other is more difficult to spot. It is located in the bottom right corner, obscured by wooden planks. To access the hidden seed, you need to move the wooden planks to reveal it.

The fourth Mokoko Seed is in the northeastern part of the island. It is hidden behind the Sluggish Engineer. It is located close to the zipline that takes you back to the central arena.

The fifth Mokoko Seed is hiding in the hull of the ship on the easternmost part of the island. To access it, go to the hull and make your way to the back where you will find two cannons. The Mokoko Seed is cleverly placed just below the mouth of the cannon. It is closest to the entrance and its leaves can be seen sticking out from certain angles. To find the seed, you need to approach it from the right angle so you can see its leaves.


Una’s Task

The daily task on the island, called “The Defense,” requires a decent amount of time to complete each day, but it is a relatively straightforward task. The task involves entering the central arena and defending your title against four rounds of enemies, with the final round being a boss fight. You only need to complete it ten times in total to reap all the rewards.

Completing tier one, which requires two daily completions, rewards 17,000 pirate coins. Tier two, which requires three daily completions, rewards 19,000 pirate coins and a potion that increases your stats. Tier three, which requires five daily completions, rewards 36,000 pirate coins, a courage potion, and the Predator of the Sea: Tragon.

The last reward of tier three in Una’s Task is the quest item to obtain Tragon, one of the powerful ships in Lost Ark. Even if you are not interested in this particular ship, completing the Una’s Task reputation to its maximum will give you a substantial amount of pirate coins which can be useful in various activities that require a large number of pirate coins, such as building your Astray ship.

It is important to note that Hypnos’s Eyes is a tier two island, so if you are doing this Una’s Task on a tier three character, the difficulty level will be lower as you will easily defeat most of the enemies in the arena. Although, keep in mind that you will receive honor leapstones instead of life leapstones as a reward for completing the daily.

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