Do you want to level up fast in Lost Ark? It would be great if you know the best Lost Ark level hunting spots. Do not worry, we have them for you.

For fans of Lost Ark who want to get ahead, they should look for areas that offer the best chances to level up quickly. To do this, players should be creative and explore areas of the game world that they haven’t looked into closely before. This can give them the best chance to level up quickly and get the most out of their gameplay. In this guide, we will tell you the best Lost Ark level hunting spots.


Bilbrin Forest

Bilbrin Forest, located in West Luterra, is a great spot for Lost Ark players to hunt. The area is home to many rabbits, which makes it an ideal place for players to level up. In addition to the rabbits, there are also more challenging mobs that can be difficult for players to defeat, but with enough experience from the rabbits and side quests, these mobs can be defeated easily.

Tideshelf Path

Tideshelf Path is a popular spot for Lost Ark players as it has a lot to offer. It has a large area with many creatures that can be farmed for experience and items, as well as being relatively safe compared to other areas. Furthermore, it is also a good spot for T3 Brondie Kethus, and players can rely on the help of other gamers when facing tougher threats. It is one of the best Lost Ark level hunting spots.

Candaria Territory

The Candaria Territory in Lost Ark is a dangerous place to explore. However, it also contains a lot of rewards for adventurers who are brave enough to venture there. It is located in South Vern and contains plenty of Brondie Kethus, making it a great spot for farming. Despite the danger, players who bring enough healing items can benefit from this unexplored area.

Crescent Island

Akresia is a region made up of islands, and Lost Ark players need to explore both the land and the sea to get to different places. New players may want to get to Crescent Island quickly as it is a good place to farm animals and other resources. There aren’t many dangerous creatures here, so it is a safe place to explore and collect materials. 

The island also has many rabbits, which provide crystalized scales as the loot that can be used for crafting. Additionally, since other players are likely exploring other locations, there is little competition for resources on this island, making it a great spot for new players to start their farming journey.

Prisma Valley

Players who are familiar with the game and its visuals would understand how close they are to the endgame when they see Prisma Valley. It looks like a beautiful grassy plain. Rabbits and other, more dangerous creatures inhabit the area, and the openness of the map makes it easy to escape them. In addition, the interconnected nature of Prisma Valley makes it easy to explore, giving players a convenient way to search for crafting materials. This is one of the best Lost Ark level hunting spots.

Eternity Island

This desert island is a great spot for gathering and mining, and it also contains the much-coveted T3 Pursian Kethus. Although it is a mid-level area, which may be difficult for newcomers, it offers plenty of crafting materials and players can use their Lost Ark mounts to escape any threats. Staying in the vicinity of the island can also help increase EXP, and make it easier to face the tougher opponents in the area.

Parna Forest

Finding the right mid-level farming zone in Lost Ark can help players level up faster and reach end-game stats quicker. Parna Forest is a great area to farm due to the variety of creatures and easy exploration loop. These creatures are mid to high level and provide a challenge, but are easier to handle after players have leveled up on Eternity Island.


Mercia Island

Gamers who are close to the end of the game in Lost Ark should make sure their stats are up to date by farming on Mercia Island. Mercia Island is located beneath Eternity Island and has a lot of rabbits and other enemies to hunt. If the enemies are too hard to defeat, players can simply run away from them. 

The island’s smaller size makes it easier to roam around and circle the map multiple times to find respawned creatures without getting lost. If you are looking for the best Lost Ark level hunting spots, then this is the right one for you.

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