Are you also looking to unlock the Guild Wars 2 Warclaw Mount? Follow our guide and all the steps to know the complete process.

The Warclaw mount in Guild Wars 2 is a special reward that can only be obtained by participating in World vs World (WvW) mode. WvW is a player-versus-player game mode that requires teamwork and strategy to capture territories from other servers. Unlike in other parts of the game, regular mounts cannot be used in WvW maps, which is where the Warclaw comes in as a useful tool.

To obtain the Guild Wars 2 Warclaw Mount, players must first complete the necessary achievement. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the Warclaw mount by outlining the initial steps to unlock the achievement.


How to get Guild Wars 2 Warclaw Mount

Before you can get your hands on the Warclaw mount, there’s a preliminary achievement that you need to unlock: the Warclaw Companion. This is a necessary step towards unlocking the Warclaw itself.

To unlock the Warclaw Companion, simply spend one World Ability Point on Warclaw Mastery. If you’re new to WvW, you can access the WvW menu by pressing the ‘B’ key. From there, navigate to the ‘Ranks and Abilities’ tab, scroll to the bottom of the list, and you’ll see the Warclaw Mastery.

Getting Ability Points is relatively straightforward, all you need to do is participate in WvW events and gain experience. Over time, you will earn Ability Points, which can then be used to unlock the Warclaw Companion achievement and take one step closer to unlocking the Warclaw mount.

Collecting The Warclaw Pieces

Now that the Guild Wars 2 Warclaw Mount has been unlocked, let’s learn how to gather all 8 items necessary to acquire it.

Warclaw Emblem

This component of the Warclaw will automatically unlock after unlocking the Warclaw Companion achievement, so no need to worry about it.

Warclaw Gorget

To earn the Warclaw Gorget, you’ll have to capture a Keep. These are the massive fortifications scattered across the map, like the Stoic Rampart in the Red Desert Borderlands. Keeps have teleporting Waypoints. However, if the Waypoint is under contest, your team hasn’t captured the Keep yet. Capturing a Keep requires teamwork, but it’s a common goal, so with a little bit of playtime, you should be able to do it with a squad.

Warclaw Horn Spikes

To get the Warclaw Horn Spikes, you must capture a Camp. These are smaller areas on the map that lack significant structures or Waypoints.

Warclaw Saddle

By taking control of a Tower, you’ll receive the Warclaw Saddle as a reward. Towers are more difficult to secure than Camps. However, not as challenging as Keeps. They have only one entrance, and are smaller than Keeps.

Warclaw Helmet

This item can be one of the most time-consuming to acquire. To get the Warclaw Helmet, you must complete the Warclaw Reward Track. To access this, go to the WvW screen and select the third tab. There you’ll see the various reward tracks available. Scroll down until you find the Warclaw Reward Track and select it. You’ll earn experience for this track. Once you have enough, you’ll receive all the rewards and the Warclaw Helmet.

Warclaw Body Armor

You can easily buy the Warclaw Body Armor from a Warclaw Tender using 50 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets. These merchants can be found near the main Waypoint for your team on each map. When you unlock other items in the achievement, you will receive the actual item. When you use it, you’ll get five tickets. You can earn more WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets through experience and event participation.

Warclaw Leg Armor

At the Warclaw Tender, you can purchase the Warclaw Leg Armor for 250 Badges of Honor, which is a currency that can be earned through participation in WvW. Additionally, you can receive 20 Badges of Honor from a Skirmish Chest, which are periodically awarded as you progress and earn experience on the Skirmish reward track.

Warclaw Tail Plate

Finally, we come to the Warclaw Tail Plate. This piece of armor can be obtained by defeating NPC guards scattered throughout the map. Guards refer to any non-player enemies on the map. Although the drop rate for the tail armor is estimated to be around ten percent, you can increase your chances by actively engaging in capturing Keeps, Camps, and Towers. By doing so, you will have ample opportunities to defeat a significant number of guards.


Warclaw Certificate Of Ownership

Once you have collected all 8 items listed, you will be given the Warclaw Certificate of Ownership. This certificate can then be taken to a Warclaw Tender. The Warclaw Tender will reward you with a Guild Wars 2 Warclaw mount. Once you have obtained the mount, you can use Ability Points. Use these points to unlock additional Warclaw abilities that will be beneficial in World vs World (WvW) gameplay.

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