Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide – Best Build for PvP and PvE

Here is the Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide. In this guide, we will give you all the information along with the best build for PvP and PvE.

The Gunslinger is a flexible class with a variety of effective setups for both PvE and PvP of Lost Ark. While the traditional Mage and Warrior classes may appeal to you more, Lost Ark’s Gunner class provides a unique combination of high damage DPS and fast-paced action that strikes the right balance of all things strong.

The Gunslinger is divided into four Advanced Classes, each of which uses three distinct weapons to attack her opponents: dual pistols, a shotgun, and a sniper. It’s one thing to combine this diverse weaponry to form flawless combinations, but having the perfect build will ensure your success. So, below is the Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)
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Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide

The Gunslinger’s utility weapon is a pair of pistols. She may cast buffs and debuffs while wielding them, as well as making full use of her high mobility stats. The Gunslinger’s burst attack is the shotgun, which specializes in inflicting close-range damage. However, if you chose the Time to Hunt engraving as your final specialty, you will not be able to utilize it. The rifle is a formidable weapon that may be used to cause long-range damage. The Peacemaker engraving gives this weapon a double dose of added functionality.

The Gunslinger has a number of benefits, including speed, mobility, and high damage output. The disadvantages of this class are her low HP and defense numbers. While her needed placement is far from the fiddliest of Lost Ark classes, her controls can take some getting used to. Setting up her optimum range while simultaneously keeping an eye on cooldowns and controlling weapon rotations may take some time to get used to.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide: Skills

Unsurprisingly, much of the Gunslinger’s usual talents revolve around making the most of the mini-arsenal she carries about with her, with a variety of ways to enhance her marksmanship. Her top-tier mobility speed is also set to improve over time, and skill-based grenades may be added to her already-impressive loadout.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

Bullet Rain: Increases the Crit rate by 20%. Bullet Rain’s duration is enhanced by 3 seconds, and its damage is raised by 60%. Every opponent hit greater odds of the skill’s cooldown ending instantaneously by 30%.

Equilibrium: For 12 seconds, affected enemies have a -10% Crit resistance to attacks from all party members. Equilibrium transforms into a 360-degree move that deals 100 percent more damage to enemies at Challenge difficulty or lower. It also increases the Crit rate by 60%.

Focused Shot: Reduces the time it takes to aim. The affected enemy is stunned for 3 seconds after every third attack.  Increase damage by 150% after aiming to inflict Kill Confirmation.

AT02 Grenade: Increases the grenade’s AoE radius by 20 percent. Outgoing damage is reduced by 75%, but enemies are frozen in place, allowing follow-up attacks simpler.

Spiral Flame: Speeds up aiming by 50%. When fighting enemies with fewer than 50% HP, crit rate increased by 60%.

Dextrous Shot: Attack speed is increased by 10%.

Spiral Tracker: For 12 seconds, all party members can attack affected enemies with a -10% Crit resistance.

Awakening skills

Eye of Twilight: Debuffs slow down movement and attack speed for a brief period of time, but when triggered, they do damage to foes within a radius while also applying Stagger and Weak effects. When the skill expires, all debuffs are removed.

High-Calibre HE Bullet: The Gunslinger lunges backward while launching an AoE attack, stuns enemies in the burst radius, and deals substantial damage.

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Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide: Engravings

Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

Engravings can be applied to a Lost Ark character after they reach Level 50. Engravings are part of the endgame content in the Lost Ark, and they enable you to add a number of buffs and boosts to your character’s equipment. In addition to the general engravings available to all characters, each class gets two “class bonus” engravings that are only available to that class. These effectively allow you to choose a subclass for them to specialize in.

Peacemaker and Time to Hunt are the engravings for the Gunslinger class. Both are excellent possibilities for PvE Gunslinger builds; the decision comes down to whatever playstyle appeals to you more. 

Peacemaker boosts attack speed by up to 16 percent in Handgun Stance, improves critical rate by up to 25% in Shotgun Stance, and increases damage by up to 10% in Rifle Stance. Furthermore, when in Rifle Stance, strikes to foes with less than 50% HP will stack on an extra damage benefit of up to 30%. Time to Hunt increases the Crit rate by up to 30% for Handgun and Rifle abilities but prevents the usage of the Shotgun Stance.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide: Best Build for PvP

  • Quick Step (Pistols)
  • AT02 Grenade (Pistols) (Skill level 7/10)
  • Spiral Tracker (Pistols) (Skill level 7/10)
  • Somersault Shot (Pistols) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Death Fire (Pistols) (Skill level 10/10)
  • Dexterous Shot (Pistols) (Skill level 10/10)
  • Peacekeeper (Pistols) (Skill level 7/10)
  • Flurry of Bullets (Pistols) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Last Request (Shotgun) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Dual Buckshot (Shotgun) (Skill level 7/10)
  • Precise Aim (Sniper) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Catastrophe (Sniper) (Skill level 10/10)
  • Perfect Shot (Sniper) (Skill level 10/10)
  • Focused Shot (Sniper) (Skill level 10/10)
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Lost Ark Gunslinger Guide: Best Build for PvE

  • Quick Step (Pistols) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Spiral Tracker (Pistols) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Equilibrium (Pistols) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Dexterous Shot (Pistols) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Peacekeeper (Pistols) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Shotgun Rapid Fire (Shotgun) (Skill level 10/10)
  • Last Request (Shotgun) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Dual Buckshot (Shotgun) (Skill level 10/10)
  • Sharpshooter (Shotgun) (Skill level 10/10)
  • Catastrophe (Sniper) (Skill level 4/10)
  • Perfect Shot (Sniper) (Skill level 7/10)
  • Focused Shot (Sniper) (Skill level 10/10)
  • Target Down (Sniper) (Skill level 10/10)

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