The Lost Ark Glaivier Build will help you to make Glaivier even stronger. You can use the best skills, engravings, and much more with the help of this build.

Lost Ark offers players a wide range of classes to choose from, including the advanced Martial Artist class, the Glaivier. The Glaivier is a versatile class that can deal significant damage using Dragon attacks but also has the ability to switch to a powerful melee stance. The key to mastering this class is the ability to switch stances effectively, at the right moments.

Another important aspect of Lost Ark is creating a customized build for your character. Players have a lot of options when it comes to creating their Glaivier, including choosing the right skills and engravings. However, by following a Glavier build guide, players can create an incredibly powerful and unstoppable character. This guide has the best Lost Ark Glaivier build for you so don’t miss it out.


Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Best Engravings

When creating the best Lost Ark Glaivier Build, it is crucial to select the best engravings to maximize the class’ potential. Engravings offer a wide range of modifications, from increasing the Glaivier’s stats to altering the class’ gameplay. 

Among the two class engravings, players should select the Pinnacle engraving for their Glaivier. This is the superior choice as it allows the player to retain the class’s ability to switch stances. On the other hand, the Control engraving eliminates the Focus stance entirely. You can use the following Engravings:

Cursed Doll: This engraving is more suited for experienced players as it has an unintended negative side effect. The player will receive a significant increase in attack power, but in return, their healing ability will be reduced.

Take a look at the Lost Ark Engravings guide.

Grudge: This engraving should be avoided until it reaches its maximum level to gain the most benefit. The player will deal more damage, but will also take the same amount of extra damage. It is essential for the player to be quick and agile to avoid direct attacks.

Keen Blunt Weapon: This engraving increases critical hit damage, but also presents the risk of basic attacks dealing less damage. It is important for players to weigh the pros and cons before choosing this engraving.

Lost Ark Glaivier Build: Best Skills

When creating the Lost Ark Glaivier build, one of the most important considerations is selecting which skills the Glaivier will focus on. As they are unlocked throughout the game, there are specific skills that will complement the class well from both the flurry and focus stance skill sets. Among the Awakening Skills, the player should prioritize using Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon.

The following are recommended Glaivier skills and tripods to upgrade them:

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Raging Dragon SlashQuick PrepQuick SlashAwaken
Starfall PounceWeak Point DetectionQuick PrepPowerful Finish
4-Headed DragonN/AN/AN/A
Wheel of BladesMagick ControlWeak Point DetectionConsecutive Spin
Chain SlashSwoopFinal DecisionBrilliant Spear
Cutting WindSturdy ArmorCompany of WarWeak Point Detection
Shackling Blue DragonN/AN/AN/A
Flash KickExcellent MobilityN/AN/A
VaultExcellent MobilityN/AN/A
Red Dragon’s HornQuick PrepSpear of DestructionWeak Point Detection
Spiraling SpearN/AN/AN/A
Glaivier gameplay
Glaivier gameplay

Recommended Stats

When building the Glaivier, the player should focus on certain stats. These are Swiftness and Crit. They should aim for an 80/20 split when allocating points. Selecting the correct accessories is essential to achieve this balance, which will lead to optimal play for this build.

Focusing on Swiftness as the primary stat will enable the player to increase the Glaivier’s movement speed, attack speed, and class skill cooldowns. Having Crit as the secondary stat focus will increase the chances of landing critical hits. The combination of these two stats will result in a more powerful and faster Glaivier.

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