The Valheim Ashlands expansion has been announced. Learn about the release date, features, and more in this article.

Valheim, the popular survival game, has recently announced the development of an upcoming expansion called Ashlands. This new addition to the game promises to bring a host of new features and content for players to enjoy. From new biomes to explore, to new enemies to battle, Ashlands is set to take the Valheim experience to the next level. 

In this article, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the Valheim Ashlands expansion. It will include the release date, features, and more. So, whether you’re a seasoned Valheim veteran or a newcomer to the game, keep reading. You will learn more about what’s in store with Ashlands.

Valheim Ashlands Expansion

The Iron Gate team is back. It is after a stretch of time developing Mistlands, and keeping everyone updated during the long process. They are announcing Valheim’s next chapter, The Ashlands update. It will be Valheim’s next biome update. The team also reveals their plans for future features and shows off some early concept art. 

The Iron Gate team has revealed early concept art for the upcoming Ashlands update for Valheim. The concept art includes “The Charred”, skeletal soldiers, and Morgen, a creature with a skeletal structure. Furthermore, it has a sinewy body, knife-like teeth, and skulls in its mouth. This sets the tone for the new biome. It is described as a “land of the dead” with a volcanic nature. Building out the new biome will take some time, but the team plans to keep players updated with progress and sneak peeks along the way.

The Valheim Ashlands expansion is currently in pre-production. However, the development team is also focusing on small updates that will be released before the next major update. Additionally, the team is working to enhance and increase the accessibility features in the game. They are seeking feedback from players on what types of accessibility features to include and are particularly interested in hearing from players who would benefit from these new features.

The Charred

Iron Gate, the developer of Valheim, has not yet revealed much detailed information about the upcoming Ashlands expansion. However, the studio has released some concept art for the new biome’s inhabitants, such as the fiery skeletal warriors known as The Charred and the monstrous creature named Morgen. 

The Charred
The Charred

Valheim Ashlands Expansion Release Date

The expansion is still in pre-production and the release date is not yet confirmed. To keep players informed and engaged during the development process, Iron Gate has announced that they will take a more transparent approach and share more information about the progress of Ashlands, including early stages and even elements that may not make it into the final version.

Valheim in XBOX

Valheim is set to release on Xbox in the coming year. The development team has also hinted at other new features and updates that players can look forward to in the future. These include new difficulty settings, and a feature called Hildir’s Quest. This quest will introduce a new NPC, Hildir, and new ways to customize your character, such as re-customizing hair. Additionally, the team is working on new clothing designs for characters.

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