How to beat Achates Guardian raid boss in Lost Ark: Best Tips and Tricks

In this guide, we will tell you how to beat the Lost Ark Achates Guardian raid boss. Follow the guide that has the best tips and tricks.

Lost Ark features a variety of Guardian Raids, such as the revamped and improved Achates Trial Guardian Raid. These challenges offer players the opportunity to form a team and take on formidable enemies for valuable rewards. 

The Achates Trial Guardian Raid, in particular, is known for being one of the most demanding raids despite its relatively lower item level requirement of 920. Many players have found the Tier 2 boss to be particularly challenging due to its intricate mechanics.  This guide aims to provide a thorough breakdown of those mechanics and offer strategies for effectively defeating the Lost Ark Achates Guardian raid boss. 


How to beat the Lost Ark Achates Guardian raid boss

The Achates boss is known for its distinctive mechanics that can lead to quick defeat for players or even a team wipe. It is essential for players to familiarize themselves with these mechanics before entering the battle. This way, players will get more advantage in the fight. The Achates Trial Guardian Raid is similar to a standard raid. However, players will find that Achates has an increased HP and more potent damage and DPS checks. Having a well-crafted strategy before embarking on the raid is crucial. 

Gears and Consumables

As players gear up for their encounter with the Lost Ark Achates Guardian raid boss, they must ensure one thing. It is that they are properly equipped with the right consumables. To achieve optimal results, players should bring the following items: an HP Potion, a Panacea, a Corrosive Bomb, a Destruction Bomb, and a Flare.

Be aware of the Fire Breath attack variations

Achates has a fire breath attack in which he sends out white flames in a specific direction. This attack has three variations that players need to be prepared for. The first variation is a straight line attack in front of Achates. In this, players need to move away from this line. 

The second variation sends out an attack for everyone within 180 degrees in front of him. To avoid this, players must try to get behind him. 

The third variation involves Achates moving backward while firing his breath attack in front of him. This is the most damaging and hardest to avoid, players should try moving or rolling away from the attack to dodge.

Vacuum Effect

Achates has a mechanic where he uses a vacuum effect. He uses this to pull players toward him while gathering energy from the surrounding area. The resulting attack is a devastating AoE blast that can kill players instantly. To avoid this, players must flee as quickly as possible. It is easy to recognize when this attack is about to happen. Players will see white energy pulsating around Achates, followed by the appearance of light orbs that move toward him.

Curse Marks

During the battle, Achates will apply a blue mark on one player and a red mark on another. These marks indicate a curse that needs to be cleansed before the marks disappear. To do this, the marked players must stand close to each other until the marks vanish. Failure to do so will result in the player with the red mark taking damage over time, which can lead to death. The player with the blue mark will not be penalized if the curse is not cleansed.

Be safe from the Enraged State

Achates will often perform a Roar maneuver when he is in an enraged state. This mechanic will apply a stacking debuff on players. Players can monitor this debuff on their status bar. The only way to stop this mechanic is to interrupt the boss. This will remove the debuffs and bring the boss out of the enraged state.


Stone Statues

During the battle, Achates will move to the center of the arena. He will create an indestructible shield, and summon one, two, or four statues. It will be visible on the mini-map. The objective of this mechanic is to take down the color-coded shield. You can do it by using the same colored stones that come from destroying the statues. The shield needs to be destroyed twice in order to expose Achates’ wings. Once that happens, players must use items with Weak Point affixes or attack items to destroy the wings.

If players fail to destroy the barrier or Achates’s wings before time runs out, the boss will become enraged. Light explosions will occur throughout the mechanic which will knock players down and cause damage. To bring down the barrier, players must hit it four times. After the second hit, the shield will change color. 

Players must be cautious and only hit the shield with the correct color, as any mistake will result in a powerful explosion that causes significant damage. In the one-statue variant, Achates will also launch color-coded orbs. Players who are holding stones that match the color of the orbs can absorb them.

Achates will gain more power

As the battle reaches the one-minute mark, Achates will start to become more powerful. He will become immobile and vulnerable, players should use this time to deal as much damage as they can. After he finishes powering up, he’ll channel energy into his wings, allowing him to perform wing attacks which will make him more difficult to defeat.

Just by using these tips and tricks, you will easily beat the Lost Ark Achates Guardian raid boss.

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