Windbound Beginner’s Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

Are you interested in survival games? Then you are at the right place as we have a Windbound Beginner’s Guide that will give you the exact experience you want.

The gameplay is similar to that of The Last of Us, in which players are shipwrecked alone in the Forgotten Islands. The only way for them to survive is to explore, adapt, and navigate the perilous land and seas.  When a fierce storm sweeps across your tribe, Kara, a warrior, drifts at sea. The Forbidden Islands, a mysterious paradise, are discovered after being thrown from your boat by turbulent waters.

Discover the island’s rich resources without a boat, food, or tools, just your will and ability to survive. Using wild and fantastic creatures as the enemy, you can craft tools and weapons to hunt and defend yourself.

When the adventurers explore additional islands and the dispersed ruins, they uncover mysteries from the past as well as glimpses into the future. If you can solve the riddle behind them all, you’ll be able to learn more than simply how to get back home. Below, we have a Windbound Beginner’s Guide that will help you to go ahead in the game.

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Windbound Beginner’s Guide: Start collecting

You’ll start the game with nothing except a dagger and a few pieces of clothing. Begin by accumulating as much food and supplies as possible. You must keep Kara nourished because if she does not eat, she will starve. Kara will learn new crafting choices as you collect more resources, which might help you turn the tide. As a result, if you spot a new animal, pick up a new resource or try to hunt it. To make more durable weapons and equipment, you’ll need to cruise to other islands.

Windbound Beginner’s Guide: Razorbacks

Windbound Beginner's Guide
Windbound (Image credit: 5 Lives Studios)

Sometimes you’ll stumble across truffles and wonder where they came from. They were dug up by the Razorbacks, the ferocious, tiny pigs you see roaming about everywhere.

Unless you kill some of their pigs, the Razorbacks will not pursue you. One of those reddish-brown piglike animals is difficult to kill with a single hit. Razorbacks are unpredictable, and if they notice you doing it within their sight, they may be lethal. You can knock them off once they’ve moved away from you.

One meat, one bone, and one hide will be your reward for killing a Razorback outright. The truffles are dug up at an approximate rate of one per minute if you follow them around for a while. Truffles can either be consumed on the spot or cooked over a fire for an even stronger boost to your health and stamina.

Windbound Beginner’s Guide: Cooking Rack

Cooking meat or tanning leather over fire takes a long time in Windbound. You should make a Cooking Rack if you have several tasks to complete. As a result, you won’t have to worry as much about your hunger levels increasing as you wait to cook/craft three things at once. Create a fire, interact with it, provide three Thick Grass and two Sticks, and you can add the Rack.

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Windbound Beginner’s Guide: Explore

Windbound Beginner's Guide

Explore in Windbound (Image credit: 5 Lives Studios)Windbound (Image credit: 5 Lives Studios)

Windbound is full of small surprises hidden on islands in the middle of the ocean. It’s usually always worth your time to investigate a luminous object in the distance. Many little islands are concealed amid the atolls, but there are also hidden gems right off the coast, buried among the rocks that encircle the larger, principal islands.

It’s worth stopping and smashing purplish-black jars if you find them on an island. Even if you have to get off your boat in the middle of the ocean and swim to a rocky protrusion, you will be rewarded with some cash.

Build a boat and mast as soon as possible

You may use a canoe to explore the map and find additional islands. Adding a mast to your canoe will cost you extra money in terms of materials. It will, however, make it much simpler for you to traverse the waters with the assistance of the wind. As a result, Kara will be able to explore more before becoming hungry.

Windbound Beginner's Guide
Windbound (Image credit: 5 Lives Studios)

In terms of supplies, It is recommended to keep at least 12 thick Grass and one stick on you throughout the early half of the game so you can create a rudimentary Grass Canoe and Grass Mast in case of necessity. You’ll be glad to have everything you need for a replacement if your boat is damaged.

You’ll come across several deadly land animals as you continue. Furthermore, you might not have the appropriate weaponry to defeat them. If you need to get away, simply dash to the shore, board your boat, and choose to sail. Even if you don’t move, land-based enemies can’t harm you while you’re in this posture. After that, you may either wait for the animal to lose interest or sail away to avoid them.

Be aware of the coral reefs

The coral reefs you see while gliding along the waves are colorful. Do not be deceived by their beauty! There is a serious danger in these. Getting bumped into them can damage your boat so much that it will disappear, leaving you drowning. It’s also bad for your health to stand on a coral reef.

In addition, the crabs that inhabit the reefs will attempt to jump onto your canoe when you pass by. They might just eat away at your boat, sinking you into the depths of the ocean if they are successful. You might have to swim from one coral reef to the next if you are in a desperate situation without a boat. Other than that, coral reefs are best avoided.

The bow is very useful

The bow is very useful
Windbound (Image credit: 5 Lives Studios)

In Windbound, you will have the ability to use a bow in place of a sling somewhere in the middle. Take action right away. Using your sling can be quite helpful, but judging your shot’s distance can be a bit of a challenge. Kara can be kept safe from harm with the usage of archery, which is far more accurate and can be used at a great distance to attack monsters.

While you’re smashing pots, you’ll most likely find some pretty incredible arrows, and they can all be recycled. You will at least get a few arrows back after killing a beast and looting its corpse. As well as making bows, you can also add some pretty cool powers to them. You will have to figure out how to make more advanced bows and arrows, but do not hesitate to make that a priority once you have learned how.

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