We have brought you the Last Cloudia Tier list and the reroll guide. So check out the best characters you can choose and enjoy the game.

If you want to try a free-to-play mobile RPG game, then Last Cloudia could be one of the best choices for you. You will find out the reason for this once you start playing the game. In the world of the Last Cloudia, humans, and beasts coexist. Humanity is living in peace since the war that was started by the God of Ruin has ended. But things didn’t stay peaceful for a long time since a mission to rescue a young woman was given to the 12th Division of the Knight Brigade.

The game has lots of heroes to play with. Each character has its own roles and abilities. Therefore, it might be confusing for you to select the best character among all. You would even want to know how to reroll. As a result, we have the Last Cloudia tier list and reroll guide for you.

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Last Cloudia Tier List: S Tier 

Hero DavanSoldierMelee DPS, TankEarth
Thunderbolt SeviaSoldierMelee DPS, BreakerLightning

Last Cloudia Tier List: A Tier 

Warlock LeenaSorcererHealerEarth
LilyGodRanged Magical DPSLight, Dark
Blaze Blade ShinSoldierMelee DPSFire, Dark
Killer Ice Princess SeviaSoldierMelee DPSIce
Goroth, the GiantCreatureTank, Melee DPSNeutral
ZaixSoldierMelee DPS, Breaker, ThiefNeutral
Ice General ZekusSorcererRanged Magical DPS, BreakerIce
Last Cloudia gameplay
Gameplay (AIDIS)

Last Cloudia Tier List: B Tier 

Gallant Flame VaughnSoldierMelee DPS, BreakerFire
ZouglasKnightMelee DPS, TankEarth
Phantom Thief RobinSoldierMelee DPS, ThiefDark
Master Thief RobinSoldierMelee DPS, ThiefDark
Princess LilahSorcererRanged Magical DPS, HealerLight
Dyne of the Three SagesSorcererRanged Magical DPSFire, Dark
Doura the BluebeardSoldierMelee DPS, CounterIce
Prince GormSoldierMelee DPS, Tank, SupportNeutral
LukielGodMelee DPS, SupportLight
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Last Cloudia Tier List: C Tier 

Last Cloudia Lilebette
Lilebette (AIDIS)
Godhunter ShinSoldierMelee DPSNeutral
Lilebette of the BlazeSniperRanged DPS, SupportNeutral
Soul Reaper MelzaGodMelee Physical and Magical DPSDark
Magic Beast ReiBeastBreakerIce, Lightning
Blood RoseSorcererMelee Magical DPS, BreakerDark

Last Cloudia Tier List: D Tier 

Mysterious Girl TheriaSorcererHealer, SupportLight
SeliosSoldierMelee DPSIce
ElizaSorcererMagical DPSFire
Beast RomelBeastMelee DPS, SupportLight
MaddineSorcererMelee Physical and Magical DPS, Support, TankEarth

Last Cloudia Tier List: F Tier 

Kyle the SwordsmanSoldierMelee DPS, BreakerFire
Sky Hero GraevinSpiritMelee DPSNeutral
White Knight MelzaKnightMelee DPS, SupportLight
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Last Cloudia Reroll Guide

  • It is recommended that you use an emulator. This is because the emulator is much faster compared to your phone. 
  • You will need to have some technical knowledge in order to rely on action recorders to script the reroll process. Your reroll process will be recorded so that you do not have to do it all again all on your own next time. 
  • You can reroll four accounts on your computer. Keep rerolling until you get the best. Do not worry about the process, as you can do it very quickly with the emulator. It will also allow you to reroll 4 accounts at the same time on your computer or laptop.
Last Cloudia gameplay
Gameplay (AIDIS)

How to reset game data on Android?

  • Go to your internal storage and find the folder named ‘com.aidis.lastcloudiaen’ in ‘Android’ then ‘Data’ and rename it anything. This is because, if you directly clear the data, you will lose everything as this folder will be deleted.
  • After this, clear the game data from the app settings.
  • Next, change the folder name back to its original name.

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