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Love horror and puzzle games? To make sure you get started on the right foot, we have the Hello Neighbor Act 2 Guide for you.

In Hello Neighbor, the player is moving into a new house across the street from a mysterious neighbor who seems to be harboring a secret in his basement and is becoming nervous. The player must break into the neighbor’s house and complete a series of riddles in order to obtain the things required to unlock and enter his basement. 

As the player explores the mysterious neighbor’s house, they must avoid being noticed by the mysterious neighbor, otherwise, they will be pursued and captured if they do not conceal or flee quickly enough. To make it simpler to leave, the player can shock the neighbor by hurling things at him. Throughout the stealth horror game Hello Neighbor, you must outwit the title villain and work your way around his house to unearth secrets, or escape his nasty hands after being trapped. Below is the Hello Neighbor Act 2 Guide 

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Hello Neighbor Act 2 Guide: Explore

There’s nothing to pick up or toss in the strange, artificial chamber you discovered in the last act, and the door won’t unlock. Peer through the keyhole and gaze left and right until you hear a noise that indicates something has fallen over.

Look at the window where the boards have fallen over; you should hear a click, indicating that the door is now unlocked and ready to be opened. To go through the crawl area, go outdoors and grasp the air duct grate in front of the red light.

Hello Neighbor Act 2 Guide: Locate Levers

Hello Neighbor Act 2 Guide
Lever inside the house (tinybuildgames)

Pull levers on three additional pipes around the region to get the wheel’s gauge into the red. By just following the fence a little further, you may find the first one. Turn around in the yard and look for the second lever on the long pipe that protrudes from the ground and flows into the house. Because it’s so far up in the air, you can’t reach it quite yet. 

The third lever is located within the residence. Depending on the location of the patrolling neighbor. The quickest route is to circle back to the front door and enter by the right-hand door. Outside, near where the pipe protrudes from the ground, break the single window facing the side fence. Place a box in front of the window and walk inside to see a bizarre hallway chamber with a light switch, a door, and a junk-covered blocked-off space. Go in the door and turn on the big boiler once you’ve turned all three levers.

Hello Neighbor Act 2 Guide: How to get the gold key

Gold key in Hello Neighbor Act 2
Golden Key (tinybuildgames)

Take the gold key from the keychain on the wall and enter through the door on the opposite side of the room. If you unlock the door and are being pursued by a neighbor, you now have a more convenient option to go around the neighborhood.

There’s a hole in the middle of the floor here; descend the ladder inside the hole to access a kid’s chamber with a dollhouse. Remove the chair from the door, so you may return later. To return to the main part of the house, exit the room and go down the stairway. Locate a large pump with a red pull lever and trace its cables to a neighboring door. Take the key and open the door so you may utilize it later as a shortcut.

There is something in the Dollhouse

Dollhouse in Hello Neighbor Act 2
Dollhouse (tinybuildgames)

Remember the kid’s room you fell through the roof into? Return to the room and use the key on the dollhouse. If you open the doors inside the miniature dollhouse, you should hear some noises indicating that things have changed within the neighbor’s house as well. This activates a switch that grants entry to the bathroom and a side room.

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Flood the room and get the red key

Return home and look for the dollhouse on the floor with the children’s room. Go up the ladder in the corridor outside the kid’s room and look across to see a red faucet. To utilize the wheel again, you must stop and leap down onto the pipes. The faucet will turn on this time, flooding the room.

Return to the corridor outside the kid’s room and open the door adjacent after the room has been flooded. After you’ve switched on all the pipes, flip the switch on the wall next to the gauge, which should be completely red.

The coils in the flooded chamber will switch on, freezing the water. Return to the top of the ladder and sprint through the frozen water to get entry to the door. Grab the red key from the door inside the next room. Return to the first level and use the kitchen door to get the entrance to the bathroom. Take the crowbar-wielding big Lego man off the toilet.

Place the Lego person in the dollhouse

Lego person inside the dollhouse
Lego person inside the dollhouse (tinybuildgames)

Return all the way to the kid’s room and place the Lego person in the dollhouse’s toilet. You may now leave him there and return to the restroom. The Lego person will mysteriously return to the toilet, and the crowbar will be freed — take it from the Lego guy’s grip!

Head to the front of the house, then to the right side of the porch, with the crowbar in hand. Using the crowbar, remove numerous black metal tacks from a section of fence near the ground. Crouch down and crawl out after the tacks are gone to start a cutscene.

These were all the important things that you must know. There are some parts that will be more interesting if you play it on your own.

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