Want to know how to get the Lost Ark Wealth Runes? This guide has all the important information you are looking for.

Lost Ark provides a plethora of ways to enhance your character’s strength and power, and one of the most effective is through the use of Skill Runes. While the total number of runes available may be limited, each individual rune has four distinct levels, each offering different degrees of power for the same effect.

The Wealth Rune is an important item for several classes, including the Shadow Hunter and Summoner. However, any class that focuses on building up its Specialty Meter will want to acquire these runes. Get ahead of the game and optimize your character by learning where to find them. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the Lost Ark wealth runes.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark

How to get the Lost Ark Wealth Runes

One of the best ways to boost your character’s power in Lost Ark is by using Skill Runes, also known as Runes. Each Rune has four different tiers, each offering a different level of power for the same effect.

The Wealth Rune is especially important for classes that focus on building their Specialty Meter, such as the Shadow Hunter and Summoner. This Rune offers the following effect, with varying percentages depending on its quality: “On skill hit, Specialty Meter gain +X percent.”

To help you get started on optimizing your character, we’ve put together a chart that lists all the Wealth Runes available in the game, including their effects and where to obtain them:

Wealth Rune QualityEffectColorHow to Get
Uncommon10% Specialty Meter gainGreenPurchase from Stronghold Merchant Tuleu for 1,420 Adventurer’s Seals.
Uncommon10% Specialty Meter gainGreenDrop from Tooki King on Tooki Island (not guaranteed).
Rare20% Specialty Meter gainBluePurchase from Stronghold Merchant Tuleu for 2,700 Adventurer’s Seals.
Rare20% Specialty Meter gainBlueCollect five Giant’s Hearts.
Epic30% Specialty Meter gainPurpleComplete 34 Sea Bounties (initiated by Secret Maps).
Epic30% Specialty Meter gainPurpleDrop from Iar Kaya on Lagoon Island (not guaranteed, once per day per roster).
Legendary40% Specialty Meter gainOrangeCollect five Omnium Stars.

Enhancing Your Identity Power with Wealth Runes in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is filled with ways to upgrade your character’s abilities, and one of these is through the collection of Skill Runes, including the Wealth Rune. This particular rune enhances the speed at which your Identity Gauge fills, and the more powerful the rune, the quicker the gauge will fill.

The Lost Ark Wealth Rune has four different tiers of rarity, each offering a higher increase in the speed of your Identity Gauge. These are:

  • Uncommon: Offers a 10% increase in the speed of the gauge filling.
  • Rare: Provides a 20% increase in the speed of the gauge filling.
  • Epic: Grants a 30% increase in the speed of the gauge filling.
  • Legendary: Gives a whopping 40% increase in the speed of the gauge filling.

Having access to your Identity Skills at a more frequent rate can greatly benefit your character and make battles much easier. With the Lost Ark Wealth Rune, you’ll be able to unleash the full potential of your character in no time. So, be sure to keep an eye out for these valuable runes and optimize your character’s abilities.

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