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Black Desert Online brings two new characters to the world of the Land of the Morning Light. The Maegu, from the Jwado School, and the Woosa, from the Woodo School. They have separate martial arts backgrounds and an intertwined fate. Players who prefer wielding a warfan and harnessing the power of storms will find the Woosa to be a perfect fit. While those who want to bewitch their enemies with the magic of a fox should look no further than the Maegu.

Set in the same region as other classes such as the Lahn, Maewha, Mystic, Striker, and Tamer, the Maegu is a great way to dive into Black Desert Online’s interpretation of Korean folklore. However, players who wish to excel in this new class will need the Black Desert Maegu guide. This guide has the best tips and tricks.

Black Desert Maegu Guide: Movements

The Maegu, one of the new Classes introduced in Black Desert Online, brings a unique and captivating style. With its incorporation of clone mechanics and a focus on evasion, players can expect a different experience. It is good compared to other Classes like the Dark Knight.

Similar to the Mystic and Kunoichi, the Maegu boasts flashy movements that set her apart from the heavier-hitting Classes in the game. However, the Maegu’s clone mechanics make deception an integral part of her gameplay. Players who want to master the Maegu will need to understand a few things. They will need to understand these intricacies and how they can be used in battles.

Black Desert Maegu Guide: Evasion

Unlike other Classes, the Maegu’s toolkit is centered around evasion rather than defense and resistance. Players who want to optimize their Maegu should prioritize boosting her evasion. This is how they will take full advantage of her speedy movements and to evade enemy attacks. The Maegu’s quick attacks after dodging make it possible to outmaneuver and defeat opponents.

LMB Attacks

The basic gameplay of BDO and other fast-paced games often involves using the left mouse button (LMB) for basic attacks. This is also true for the Maegu Class in BDO.

Just like other Classes, the Maegu’s LMB primary attack gives players access to a basic set. This basic set has melee or ranged attacks. When using the Maegu, mixing direction with her base LMB combo will result in slight modifications to her attack pattern. For example:

Bared Claws (Move left/right + LMB): The Maegu swiftly performs a powerful clawed attack after casting an incantation.

Spirited Away (Move backwards + LMB): The Maegu lures the enemy in before immersing them in flames.

Movement-Based Variations in Skills

Many Classes have skills that can have different outcomes depending on which directional keys are used to trigger them. The Maegu is no exception. However, she has some unique variations in her skills. This happens when the W (forward) or S (backward) directional keys are used in conjunction with the primary keys.

When players press W with most of the Maegu’s basic skills, they can execute charge attacks that are powerful. They can quickly close the gap between her and her enemies. On the other hand, when S is combined with primary keys, the Maegu can unleash damage while quickly retreating, which can be an effective way to reposition herself in combat. These variations add an extra layer of depth and strategy to the Maegu’s gameplay, allowing players to better control the battlefield.

AOE Spam Combos in the Maegu’s Toolkit

The Maegu Class in Black Desert Online is an excellent choice for players who are new to the game and may not feel comfortable with intense combat situations. A Class that has a strong AOE component is often easier to play and offers a sense of security in PVE scenarios. The Maegu offers just that with a spam combo that can be used in most PVE encounters. This combo allows players to damage multiple enemies at once, making it an excellent tool for players who are still learning the ropes of BDO combat. Overall, the Maegu’s AOE spam combo is a great choice for players who want to experience the game’s PVE content with ease and confidence.


Energy-Efficient Movement for the Maegu

As a movement-oriented Class in Black Desert Online, the Maegu relies heavily on her stamina to perform her flashy and deceptive movements. While this opens up a lot of possibilities for players to outmaneuver their foes, it also means that careless movements can lead to a quick depletion of Maegu’s precious energy resource.

However, with the right combination of skills, players can maximize Maegu’s mobility while conserving her stamina. This is achieved by interspersing charge attacks with strategic burst movements, creating a zig-zag pattern that allows the Maegu to cover ground quickly while making it difficult for foes to keep up. By carefully managing their stamina, players can ensure that they have enough energy to perform powerful combos and make quick escapes when necessary.

Black Desert Maegu Guide: Key Moves

  1. Spirit Step (Shift+Direction): This move allows the Maegu to quickly move across areas through spinning her body. Ideal for evading enemy attacks.
  2. Charm Mastery (LMB, Direction+LMB): This move utilizes the Jwado School to cast incantations and attacks with the Fox Spirit charm.
  3. Foxspirit: Tag (RMB): The Maegu scatters her charms in front of her and then causes them to explode in a burst of damage.
  4. Foxspirit: Deceiver (Q): The Maegu creates an illusionary double of herself, which she can then switch places with.
  5. Soulflame (E): The Maegu lowers her stance and tosses a charm at her opponent, causing them to burn over time.
  6. Soulsnare (F): The Maegu spins forward while throwing her charm, interrupting the target’s movements. This is a short-range move.
  7. Charmed (S+Space, Other Skills+Space): The Maegu tosses her charm forward before throwing her binyeo knife to pin her target in place.

It’s important for players to understand Maegu’s unique playstyle, as she doesn’t rely on pure Defense and Resistances like other Classes. Instead, players should focus on boosting her Evasion to make the most of her speedy toolkit.

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