In this article, you will get all the information about the Arche Age Fresh Start. Learn about the dates, new updates, and more.

Arche Age: Unchained is set to launch another Fresh Start server. It will provide players with a new opportunity to dive into the world of the Arche Age. With changes and improvements reflecting community feedback, players can expect an exciting and updated gaming experience. This article will provide all the necessary information regarding the Arche Age Fresh Start server. It will include its duration, rewards, and important dates to keep in mind. 

Arche Age
Arche Age

Arche Age Fresh Start Dates

ArcheAge: Unchained will be launching a brand new Fresh Start server on February 9th. This comes after the success of its previous Fresh Start event. The game developers have taken community feedback into consideration. They have made a few changes and improvements to make this Fresh Start even better.

The Fresh Start server will be available for three months, providing players with the opportunity to start their journey anew and experience the game’s world and mechanics with a fresh slate. Following the three months, there will be a one-month period where players can transfer their characters to the live server for free and receive special graduation rewards.

The Fresh Start server will launch with one server for the EU and one for North America, and the much-anticipated Land Rush event will begin two days later on February 11th. This is a unique opportunity for players to create new characters and experience ArcheAge: Unchained like never before.

Progression Boosts and Promotions

Arche Age: Unchained will bring back the progression boosts for players to level up and gear up at a faster pace. This time, the experience will be heightened with double to triple XP gains, and a variety of buffs to Conflict, Siege, War, Quest, and Honor Points. 

In addition, players can expect boosted Vocation badges to help them along the way. And for those who want to get a head start, the Malamute pet promotion is back by subscribing to the Kakao Games newsletter before the server opens. These promotions and progression boosts are designed to further enhance the player’s experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to progress through the game.

Arche Age
Arche Age

Boosted Drops and Gear Acquisition

The upcoming Fresh Start server in ArcheAge: Unchained is bringing a host of improvements and changes directly reflecting player feedback. One of the biggest changes players will notice is the increase in loot drop rates, now up to 300% from 200%. This is sure to make gearing up and leveling up even faster. 

The changes don’t stop there, as the boosting will now apply to Disciple gear as well as Hiram gear, and the double weekly quest event now includes Disciple gear. All of these changes are to to make it easier for players to acquire gear and progress through the game.

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