How to Complete False Friends in Final Fantasy 16

In order to help Clive locate Norreis, you must complete the Final Fantasy 16 False Friends quest. The rewards are less but still worth it.

In the huge world of Final Fantasy 16, players encounter numerous quests and challenges. One interesting side quest worth undertaking is “False Friends.” Located in Martha’s Rest, this quest involves helping Clive locate a man named Norreis, who is being pursued by a former friend. If you’re interested in completing the Final Fantasy 16 False Friends quest successfully, here’s everything you need to know.

quest gameplay
quest gameplay

How to Complete Final Fantasy 16 False Friends Quest

To start the False Friends quest, you must first unlock the main quest, “Holding On.” Once that is accomplished, head over to Martha’s Rest and look for the Bloodaxe Barracks. Close to it, you’ll find the starting point of the side quest.

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After speaking to Brennan and Ronald, your task is to go out and locate Norreis. Luckily, the first clue isn’t too far away. Cross the bridge behind Brennan and keep an eye out for a guard gazing into the distance. He will be positioned on the second bridge, and a marker will appear above his head. Speak to him to learn that Norreis has fled down the hill. Follow the bridge until you reach the marked area on your map. By the way, if you’re curious about the sword I’m using in Final Fantasy 16, it’s the Flametongue.

Discovering Norreis’ Location

As you continue your search, keep an eye out for a lantern lying on the ground in the northern section of the next search area. This lantern serves as a crucial clue that leads Clive to Norreis’ whereabouts. Engage in a short conversation with Norreis once you find him, and let him know that everything is alright. Afterward, return to Martha’s Rest and speak to Brennan to conclude the quest.

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Regrettably, the rewards for completing the Final Fantasy 16 False Friends quest are not particularly remarkable. It is typical for many side quests in the early stages of Final Fantasy 16. Upon completion, you will receive 10 Magicked Ash and one Meteorite. However, there are no Gil rewards for this quest. Despite the modest rewards, completing “False Friends” allows you to explore the world of Final Fantasy 16 with a clear conscience.


Additional Quests in Martha’s Rest

While you’re in Martha’s Rest, make sure to undertake the “Crystalline Lifeline” quest as well. Although side quests may not offer extravagant rewards, they contribute significantly to boosting your AP (Ability Points), making them worthwhile endeavors in Final Fantasy 16.

Now that you have a clear understanding of how to complete the “False Friends” quest in Final Fantasy 16, start on this adventure and help Clive locate Norreis. Remember to explore other side quests in Martha’s Rest for additional rewards and an enhanced gaming experience.

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