Master the art of exploration and listen closely to the haunting melodies to conquer the maze-like Lost Woods Tears Kingdom.

The Lost Woods, an iconic and enigmatic region in the Zelda series, has captivated players. In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Lost Woods make a return with their own unique twists and challenges. 

If you have found yourself repeatedly getting lost and ending up back at the start, fear not! We have prepared a guide to help you successfully navigate the treacherous depths of the Lost Woods Tears Kingdom and uncover its secrets. Before venturing forth in search of the legendary Master Sword, embarking on this optional quest can prove to be immensely helpful.

Lost Woods
Lost Woods

Lost Woods Tears Kingdom Location 

The Lost Woods Tears Kingdom can be found within the Korok Forest, a captivating region nestled far in the north of Hyrule. Drawing inspiration from its appearance in the acclaimed 2017 game, Breath of the Wild, the Tears of the Kingdom version of the Lost Woods introduces new challenges and mechanics. While in Breath of the Wild, torches, wind, and keen observation aided navigation, Tears of the Kingdom takes a different approach: the only way forward is to travel beneath the forest itself.

To commence your expedition through the Lost Woods Tears Kingdom, open your map and locate the road leading north into this mystical realm. Keep an eye out for a specific location called “Depths,” positioned to the right. This area, known as the Minshi Woods Chasm, serves as your destination. Place one of your glowing pins on top of it, ensuring you mark it prominently. Additionally, drop a second pin at the center of the Korok Forest; it will prove invaluable once you descend into the darkness below.

Navigating the Depths

Make your way towards the chasm and prepare to dive into its depths. Remember, your goal is to utilize the pin you placed at the Korok Forest as a compass. As long as you are heading towards it, you are on the right track. To light your path, make use of the brightbloom seeds. These luminescent wonders will guide you through the shadows and keep you from losing your way. Keep a keen eye out for the Rikonasum Lightroot, located at coordinates 0406 2134 -0592. Discovering this radiant landmark marks a significant milestone in your journey.

Once you have found the Lightroot, activate its power and proceed to a nearby stone platform. Stand resolutely at its center and employ Ascend, allowing yourself to swim upwards and resurface. Congratulations! You have emerged from the depths of the Lost Woods. But hold your celebrations for now, as a shroud of gloom has permeated the forest, casting the Great Deku Tree into a deep slumber.

Lost Woods
Lost Woods

Awakening the Forest

Your next crucial step involves solving the nearby Musanokir Shrine, specifically the “Swing to Hit” trial. Find the shrine located at coordinates 0409 2132 0144. By triumphing over its challenges, you will gain a valuable warp point, enabling you to return swiftly in the future. Once you have successfully completed the shrine, it is time to restore the Lost Woods Tears Kingdom to its former glory. 

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