How To Level Up Fast In Battlebit Remastered – Guide

If you want to defeat all your opponents and become the best then you will have to level up fast. Here’s the Battlebit Remastered leveling guide.

Battlebit Remastered is an amazing multiplayer game that offers players a thrilling experience of large-scale warfare. With its low-poly graphics and massive displays of combat, Battlebit Remastered provides an engaging environment where players can level up and unlock new gear, skins, and weapons. 

But you can stand above all if you know how to level up fast in Battlebit Remastered. You are in luck because we are going to share this secret with you. This Battlebit Remastered leveling guide will share effective strategies and tips to help you level up quickly and outrank other players in Battlebit Remastered.

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Battlebit Remastered Leveling Guide

Choosing the Right Classes for Fast Leveling

In Battlebit Remastered, players have the opportunity to select from six different classes when spawning into a Conquest match: Squad Leader, Assault, Medic, Engineer, Support, and Recon. To maximize your leveling speed, it is essential to choose the classes that offer the most efficient means of earning experience points (XP).

The Medic class is particularly valuable for quick level progression. By selecting the Medic class, you gain the ability to heal your allies on the battlefield using the Kit Gadget. This not only supports your team but also grants you XP comparable to scoring a kill. By actively healing friendly soldiers, you can earn substantial XP without solely relying on eliminating enemies. The Medic class is ideal for players who prefer a supportive role while still progressing quickly.

Similar to the Medic class, the Support class presents a viable option for fast leveling in Battlebit Remastered. As a Support class player, you can drop Ammo Kits that provide essential supplies to your teammates. When other players interact with these Kits, you are rewarded with XP. By strategically positioning yourself and distributing Ammo Kits, you can contribute to your team’s success while steadily gaining experience points. The Support class allows for a more passive playstyle, focusing on supporting your allies rather than engaging in direct combat.

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Selecting Suitable Maps for Efficient Leveling

Another tip from our Battlebit Remastered leveling guide is about the selection of maps. In Battlebit Remastered, map selection plays a crucial role in leveling up quickly. While the large-scale warfare landscapes may be enticing, opting for smaller maps can significantly enhance your leveling progress. Smaller maps provide a higher chance of encountering opponents, enabling you to engage in more frequent battles and accumulate XP at a faster pace. By choosing maps that facilitate active combat encounters, you increase your opportunities for kills, assists, and overall progression.

Cooperative Gameplay for Enhanced Experience Gain

Next in Battlebit Remastered leveling guide is the cooperative gameplay. Collaborating with your team and actively engaging in cooperative gameplay can substantially increase your leveling in Battlebit Remastered. By coordinating strategies, communicating effectively, and working together, you can achieve superior results. Here are some cooperative gameplay tactics to consider:

Forming a cohesive squad and coordinating your actions can lead to increased success and faster leveling. Assign specific roles within your squad, such as having a dedicated Medic and Support player, to ensure a well-rounded team composition. By working closely with your squadmates and supporting each other’s objectives, you can earn additional XP through teamwork and achieve higher levels in Battlebit Remastered.


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Battlebit Remastered highlights capturing objectives and securing strategic points on the map. By actively participating in objective-based gameplay, such as capturing control points or defending critical locations, you can earn bonus XP in addition to the experience gained from eliminations. Prioritize objectives, communicate with your team, and work collectively to dominate the battlefield, which will accelerate your leveling progress.


With its immersive gameplay and a vast array of rewards, Battlebit Remastered offers an exciting experience for players seeking to unlock new gear, skins, and weapons. By using effective strategies from our Battlebit Remastered leveling guide, you can level up quickly and gain a competitive edge over other players. Take these tips to heart, refine your skills, and start on a journey of fast leveling in Battlebit Remastered.

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