Revelation: Infinite Journey Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

With the help of the Revelation Infinite Journey Guide, you will have all the important knowledge about the game that is needed.

Revelation: Infinite Journey is a game that encourages players to embody the persona of a courageous character. It has a character creation system that provides high customization options. Players can create their own unique avatars with a deep fashion system that offers the highest degree of freedom. The details in the game are of exceptional quality and depth. The NPCs in the game have an advanced AI system to provide players with an immersive experience.

The game features social and job systems that allow players to unleash their creativity. They can freely express themselves by becoming musicians, dancers, designers, chefs, or vigilantes. Players can also build a comprehensive ecosystem with like-minded players. To get a head start, you will need the Revelation Infinite Journey Guide. The guide below has the best tips and tricks for you.

Revelation Infinite Journey Guide: Battles

Battles serve as one of the most thrilling and adventurous aspects of the game. It provides an adrenaline rush and an opportunity to showcase your skills and strategy. The intensity of these battles can be heightened by the use of realistic graphics and sound effects. It allows players to immerse themselves in the game and feel as though they are truly in the midst of the action.

The key to success in battle lies in taking it seriously and approaching it with a strategic mindset. You must be fully prepared, both mentally and physically, for each encounter with an enemy. You must anticipate their moves and respond accordingly. Each battle presents a unique challenge, requiring you to adapt your tactics and utilize your strengths to overcome your opponent.

Boost skills

In Revelation: Infinite Journey, your character’s skills play an important role in battles. It determines your success and progression throughout the game. As such, it is essential to invest time and effort into boosting your character’s skills to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in battle.

To access your character’s skills, navigate to the main menu from the main game screen and tap on the “Skills” option. Here, you will be able to view your character’s existing skills and ultimate skills, as well as the necessary requirements to boost each skill.

Boosting your character’s skills involves investing in the relevant necessities. This can include experience points, in-game currency, and other items specific to each skill. By investing in these requirements, you can gradually increase your character’s skill level. It will make them stronger and more efficient in battle.

Revelation Infinite Journey Guide: Main Quests

As a beginner player in Revelation: Infinite Journey, completing main quests is essential to your progression and overall gaming experience. These quests serve as your guide throughout the game, leading you through various challenges and helping you to become familiar with the game’s mechanics and features. Upon entering the game, players may only have access to a limited number of features. 

This makes it necessary to follow the main quests presented. By doing so, you can unlock new areas of the game, gain valuable resources, and build your character’s skills and abilities. The main quests can be found at the top left side of the game screen, and it is important to follow them closely as they serve as a roadmap for your journey. Each quest presents a unique challenge. It requires you to utilize your skills and strategy to overcome obstacles and progress through the game.

Revelation Infinite Journey Guide: Auto Battle System

It’s important to keep working on the grind in order to level up and collect resources. One very useful feature of Revelation Infinite Journey is the Auto-battle system. It allows players to automatically engage in battles with enemies without requiring any input from the player.

With the Auto-battle feature, players can keep grinding for experience points (EXP) and materials even when they need to go AFK (away from keyboard). This is particularly helpful for players who are busy with other tasks or have limited time to play the game.

different styles in the game
different styles in the game

Revelation Infinite Journey Guide: Health Potions

Revelation: Infinite Journey is an intense combat game that requires players to be fully immersed in the gameplay to emerge victorious. While mastering the combat techniques is crucial, maintaining your character’s health is equally important. This is where the role of health potions comes in, which often goes unnoticed by players.

In battles, you are likely to face tough opponents that can drain your character’s health points rapidly. Therefore, you need to ensure that your character’s health is restored to its maximum level regularly. Health potions are the key to achieving this. These potions can be found while fighting enemies and completing quests, making it vital to collect as many as possible.

Not only do health potions replenish your character’s health, but they also prevent your character from dying and losing the battle. By using health potions effectively, players can prolong their characters’ longevity and keep them fighting for longer durations.

However, it is essential to note that health potions are not unlimited, and their availability may vary depending on the game’s level. Therefore, it’s important to use them with a good strategy. Keep this in mind, particularly when facing challenging opponents.

Upgrade Special Abilities

In Revelation: Infinite Journey, mastering combat techniques alone is not enough to succeed in battles. Your character’s special abilities can make all the difference between winning and losing. Special abilities are unique moves that allow players to deal more damage, stun opponents, or heal themselves, among other benefits. However, to make these abilities more potent, players need to invest in upgrading them regularly.

One of the significant benefits of upgrading your special abilities is the increase in battle points. Battle points are essential in determining your character’s strength and abilities, and upgrading your skills directly impacts your battle points. As a result, your character becomes stronger, and you can clear enemies faster.

Moreover, special abilities are often the biggest damage-dealing component that players have in battles. Upgrading your skills can increase your character’s overall damage output, making them a formidable force in combat.

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