Want to know how to clean the Jedi Survivor Fish Tank in Star Wars? This guide will give you all the important details you are looking for.

If you’re a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player, you know that the game is packed with exciting activities, including cleaning the fish tank in Pyloon’s Saloon. The fish tank may not look so good, but with the right steps, you can have it looking sparkling clean. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to clean the Jedi Survivor fish tank and where to find the fish to populate it.


Finding a Fisherman on Koboh

To start, you need to find a fisherman who will help you populate the fish tank. You can find Skoova Stev located in Prospector’s Folly on Koboh. To get there, exit Pyloon’s Saloon in Rambler’s Reach and turn right. Run up the slope towards the Foothill Falls, and you’ll find a zipline that will take you to a waterfall and a small hovering boat at a nearby pool.

Tell Skoova about the Jedi Survivor fish tank back at the saloon, and he will agree to help you populate it. If you talk to him again, he will catch the See Fish for the tank right there and then. After you return to Skoova at the saloon in Rambler’s Reach, he’ll be available at various watering holes across Koboh and Jedha. Speaking to him at each of these will cause him to jump into the water to catch a new fish while also regaling you with some of his past exploits.

Finding Fish on Koboh and Jedha

To populate the tank, you’ll need to catch different fish in various locations across Koboh and Jedha. Here are the areas where you can find the fish:

  • Rambler’s Reach Outpost, Koboh: Fingertip Garpon
  • Smuggler’s Tunnels, Koboh: Barbed Hookfish
  • Gorge Crash Site, Koboh: Frilled Newt
  • Bygone Settlement, Koboh: Blue-Finned Crayfish
  • Rift Passage, Koboh: Big Mouth Faa
  • Devastated Settlement, Koboh: Blinding Ray Fish
  • Arid Flats, Jedha: Snakefish
  • Crypt of Uhrma, Jedha: Fantailed Laa
  • Mountain Ascent, Koboh: Mee Fish
  • Viscid Bog, Koboh: Glottsamcrab
  • Phon’Qi Caverns, Koboh: Viscid Lurker
  • Pyloon’s Saloon, Koboh: See Fish

Once you’ve caught all twelve fish, the tank in the saloon will clear up completely. You can now marvel at your aquatic collection.

How to Clean the Jedi Survivor Fish Tank

With the fish in the tank, it’s now time to clean it up. Follow these simple steps to make the tank sparkling clean:

  • Remove the fish from the tank and put them in a separate container with some of the tank water.
  • Remove any plants, rocks, or other decorations from the tank and clean them thoroughly with hot water.
  • Using a scraper or sponge, remove any algae or dirt from the glass walls of the tank.
  • Drain the water from the tank and use a gravel vacuum to remove any debris from the bottom of the tank.
  • Refill the tank with clean water and add a water conditioner to neutralize any harmful chemicals.
  • Return the decorations and plants to the tank, and then return the fish.
  • Test the water quality using a water testing kit to ensure the water is safe for the fish.


In conclusion, cleaning the Jedi Survivor fish tank in Star Wars requires catching a variety of fish from different locations on Koboh and Jedha. By enlisting the help of Skoova Stev, a fisherman found at Foothill Falls in Prospector’s Folly, you can begin to populate the tank in Pyloon’s Saloon in Rambler’s Reach.

As you catch more fish and return to Skoova, the tank will gradually clear up until you have a complete and impressive aquatic collection. With these tips, you’ll be able to take care of your Jedi Survivor fish tank and enjoy your Star Wars gaming experience to the fullest.

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