Here is a complete guide on how to beat Hades final boss. We have listed the weapons and boons you can select for this fight.

At the River Styx in Hades, the most dedicated and skillful players will eventually find themselves. They’ve slain the Furies, the Bone Hydra, and even Asterius and Theseus all at the same time. Each of the Gods of Olympus has done everything they can to assist them, and the player is ready to enter the mortal realm’s chilly air. When they take a step out into the snow, they glimpse an unmistakable figure: Hades himself.

The God of the Dead is Hades’ final boss, and he is a huge hassle. Every one of his strikes is aimed at robbing Zagreus of as much health as possible and returning him to his home. Furthermore, because Hades’ health regenerates after being slain the first time, players are compelled to kill him twice. This is a difficult battle, but one that can be won.

Players will require their most formidable weapons and boons to defeat Hades himself. Because defeating Hades is a difficult endeavor, players must be well-equipped. There are two phases to the boss battle, both of which are identical. Players must, however, be wary of Hades and maintain a safe distance from him. In this guide, we will tell you how to beat Hades Final Boss.

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How to Beat Hades Final Boss: Weapons

Your weapon will be the most important component in defeating Hades. Everyone has a distinct preferred play style, and each weapon should be utilized for a certain build. Close-range strikes are possible with sword and shield, for example. They’re ideal for gamers who don’t mind swooping in and out of battle. From a distance, though, the pistol and bow deliver less damage. They’re ideal for cautious gamers.

Stygius – Aspect of Poseidon

The Aspect of Poseidon’s special strike dislodges cast ammunition from enemies. It allows you to accumulate damage from casts that stick into foes, which is particularly useful for cast-oriented setups.

Aegis – Aspect of Chaos

The Aspect of Chaos is frequently regarded as the finest weapon to utilize for a quick victory, owing primarily to the shield-throwing special, which aids in spreading damage beyond the initial target, clearing traps, and keeping crowds under control.

Varatha – Aspect of Hades

Varatha’s Aspect of Hades lets you increase extra damage by up to 150 percent for 10 seconds, giving a significant boost for cautious warriors.

Twin Fists – Aspect of Gilgamesh

Despite slowing Zagreus’ attack speed, the Claws of Ekidnu still strike rapidly and deal significant damage. The additional Maim damage is especially useful in the Hades boss fight, although you must be cautious not to get assaulted before the status effect expires.

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How to Beat Hades Final Boss: Boons

How to Beat Hades Final Boss
Hades (Image credit: YouTube)

Your Boons are the second most significant factor in combat success. These affect your gameplay and the way your weapon does damage to the enemies. It’s up to you to decide which Boons you want. There is, however, one unique setup that beginners may employ to quickly defeat Hades. Privileged Status, one of the greatest Mirror of Night improvements, is required.

The Privileged Status will increase your overall damage by 40% if you employ God-specific Boons to ensure that your basic strikes always apply at least two status effects. Privileged Status is the closest Hades has to playing on easy mode, because boons already impact your raw damage and status effects increase damage over time. You can become nearly unstoppable when combined with the Shattered Shackle or Pierced Butterfly. Below are some of the boons that you can use in defeating the final boss.

  • Aphrodite’s Aid
  • Divine Dash
  • Hyper Sprint
  • Aphrodite’s Aid
  • Curse of Agony/Curse of Pain
  • Blinding Flash 

How to Beat Hades Final Boss: First Phase

How to Beat Hades Final Boss
Hades (Image credit: YouTube)

The only way to defeat Hades, like all the other bosses in the game, is to learn his attacks and when to retaliate. If players wish to defeat Hades, they must learn the patterns of both phases of the combat.

  • Vanish – Hades will mysteriously vanish from the map. This makes him difficult to trace and removes any unfavorable status effects he may have acquired.
  • Dash – Hades will lunge at the player after vanishing, stabbing him with his spear.
  • Spin Attack – Hades will spin in a circle while wielding a spear.
  • Cast Attack – This attack resembles Zagreus’ own casting attack. It inflicts Boiling Blood, which deals damage over time if it hits. Before bursting, it will detach from Zagreus.
  • Spawning – Hades will unleash Bombers and Witches after his health is down significantly.

The key to the first part of this encounter is to remain a safe distance from Hades and attack him with distant strikes or assaults that keep the player out of his spin attack’s range. If he tries to Cast, players can hide behind one of the numerous pillars in the area or use one of Artemis’ Boons to redirect it back at him. Continue to move in order to bring Hades down. Phase 2 will commence after his health has been completely drained.

How to Beat Hades Final Boss: Second Phase

How to Beat Hades Final Boss
Hades (Image credit: YouTube)
  • Soul Vase – On the map, there will be several vases that Hades and Zagreus can destroy. This summons phantom hands, which seize Zagreus and temporarily paralyze him.
  • Laser – Hades will come to a halt and unleash a barrage of huge lasers that will whirl around him. Only by hiding behind a pillar, you will be able to evade this assault.

These two attacks are added to Hades’ attack list in the second phase, although he can still utilize his other attacks. To avoid taking damage from Hades, players must just keep moving and shelter behind a pillar whenever necessary. Keep in mind that the optimal tactic is to use ranged assaults like casting and to carry the most powerful Godly Boons with you.

It will be easier to defeat the final boss with the help of boons such as Divine Dash, Blinding Flash, Hyper Sprint, and Aphrodite’s Aid. Additionally, players can benefit from boons such as Privileged Status, which increases an enemy’s damage by 40% if the enemy is afflicted by two status effects at once.

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