Genshin Impact Azhdaha Guide – Easy Way to Beat Him

We have brought you the Genshin Impact Azhdaha guide which will give you an easy way to beat him. Follow our tips and win this boss fight with ease.

In Genshin Impact 1.5, Azhdaha was added as a tanky boss. He is a weekly boss that may be found after completing Zhongli’s second narrative. The Azhdaha you’ll battle with Zhongli, on the other hand, is substantially weaker than the weekly boss. This is due to Azhdaha’s ability to swap components, forcing players to react swiftly in order to oppose his new form. 

This monster has a lot of health, so whittling him down will take a long time, especially if you battle him on one of the harder tiers. Many gamers have reported that Azhdaha is far more challenging than the Childe fight. Below, we have the Genshin Impact Azdaha guide that will help you to beat him.

Genshin Impact Azhdaha Guide
Genshin Impact (Image credit: YouTube)
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Genshin Impact Azhdaha Guide: First Phase

Azhdaha’s fight is divided into three different phases, which develop in succession as you reduce its HP by two levels. Azhdaha performs Geo attacks in the first phase. Be aware of falling boulders within the arena, which are denoted by yellow runes on the ground, throughout this phase. You can easily avoid them, but be careful not to expend too much vitality. 

Stamina is one of the most crucial resources for the length of this battle. Depending on your proximity to Azhdaha’s body, it may frequently stamp its feet or swish its tail. If you wander too far, it will fire homing boulders at your character, although these are simple to escape.

You should pay attention to a certain vocal line from Azhdaha. It is the beginning of his transfer to the next level. The beast will charge for a tremendous attack while speaking, which can easily wipe off your characters. Move away from the center, where it will unleash large AoE damage pulses, once it jumps high off the ground. Azhdaha often moves on to its second phase, the Hydro phase, after this encounter.

Genshin Impact Azhdaha Guide: Second Phase

Genshin Impact Azhdaha Guide
Genshin Impact (Image credit: YouTube)

Azhdaha will be able to inflict a Hydro state and deal Hydro damage in the second phase. If it isn’t neutralized, it will continue to cause Hydro harm over time. You may counteract this by equipping a shield on your character, regardless of the element. Azhdaha’s basic attacks are the same as in the first phase, however, now it does Hydro damage instead of Geo. 

It will also begin to produce mobile Hydro spheres that deal damage and cause status effects. Azhdaha will shift to the third phase after dealing enough damage and will repeat the seismic assault from the first phase, which you must dodge or neutralize.

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Genshin Impact Azhdaha Guide: Third Phase

Azhdaha enters its third phase after completing the transformation, this time coping with electrical damage. The number of hard-hitting attacks that you must continually evade makes this period the most difficult. Azhdaha digs deep, leaving its tail protruding out very high in the air, and rains lightning down from the sky in one strike. 

The locations of lightning strikes will be indicated on the ground, so stay away from them at all costs. Staying towards the center allows you to avoid it more easily. This gives you plenty of space to go from one secure position to the next.

When Azhdaha is done with this move, he returns to the surface and resumes his normal attacks. Its Electro Spheres have a status effect identical to the Hydro phase, which may be negated by any shield. Azhdaha, on the other hand, is far more aggressive and can repeat its earlier strikes, including the big earthquake that now causes tremendous Electro damage.

To make this weekly monster simpler, you’ll need to master a number of mechanics. Investing in characters that thrive in this battle will pay off in the long run. Also, because you’ll only be fighting Azhdaha once a week, ingesting food that boosts your stats, particularly ATK, DEF, and stamina intake, is a good option that doesn’t need a lot of money.

What characters are needed?

Genshin Impact Azhdaha Guide
Genshin Impact (Image credit: YouTube)

Azhdaha is different from the other bosses in that he demands either exceptional dodging or the use of a shield character. To be careful, take the help of Zhongli, Noelle, Xinyan, Beidou, and Diona. You should also prepare a lot of food ahead of time, have lots of healing goods on hand, and store up on food that increases your attack and defense. 

You should bring some revives with you as well. It’s strongly encouraged that you invite Qiqi or Barbara to your team as well. Azhdaha does a lot of damage, and it’s doubtful that you won’t come across a character that isn’t in good shape during the fight.

It’s difficult to pick a DPS since Azhdaha changes components. Because being near Azhdaha may be incredibly risky, your best chance is to go with your favorite and attempt to place a ranged character like Ganyu or Amber in your spare slot.

Extra tips to beat Azdaha

Extra tips to beat Azdaha
Genshin Impact (Image credit: YouTube)

Azhdaha is a powerful fighter who is particularly dangerous up close. Don’t let him catch you off guard; he can attack with his head, feet, torso, and tail. Remember that if you go too far away from him, he has methods like charging and digging to close the distance. It’s simple to avoid them; simply stay moving. 

Azhdaha’s elemental form makes him more aggressive, and as he generates shockwaves, he will discharge floating orbs, homing circles, and elemental damage. You won’t be marked if you use a shield, but you should still try to avoid as many strikes as possible.

A bow user or a catalyst keeps a safe distance from Azhdaha, one of the best ways to damage her. To quickly reduce Azhdaha’s health bar, be sure to cause as many reactions as possible. Be sure you have healing ready and a shield equipped if you intend to use a close-range attack style.

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