We have brought you a guide that will tell you how to beat Commander O’Neil in Elden Ring. Follow the guide properly to win this fight.

Commander O’Neil is a humanoid boss who wields a battle weapon in Elden Ring. He also summons air from ghostly warriors. This makes the fight against him more difficult. You will find this Elden Ring boss at the heart of the Swamp of Aeonia which is on the eastern side of Caelid. Commander O’Neil is an optional boss, so you can prepare yourself and become stronger before the fight. 

Your story in the game will not affect you if you leave this boss fight. However, to earn some extra and great rewards, fighting with this boss becomes a must. But how to beat Commander O’Neil? In this Elden Ring guide, we will guide you to beat this boss easily with some of the best tips and tricks.

Commander O'Neil fight gameplay
Commander O’Neil fight gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Commander O’Neil in Elden Ring

This Elden Ring boss is a melee fighter but that does not mean he will not attack you from a distance. His close-range attacks are really strong and you can take some massive damage from him. He will use swipe attacks mostly in horizontal directions. It will start from one side and end on the other and if he attacks you directly in a straight position, it will knock you out. Therefore, you will have to be careful when the commander uses this type of attack.

If you wind up behind Commander O’Neil he’ll occasionally poke you with the back of his halberd, stunning you so he can turn around and face you again. This attack is so fast that you probably won’t avoid it, but it’s also pretty weak.

If you think that you can go behind this humanoid and attack him from behind then you are wrong. Commander O’Neil will attack you with his halberd to stun you and then quickly turn around to attack you again. This is a very quick attack that is hard to avoid. But, do not worry as it does not deal massive damage. 

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Commander O'Neil will summon spirits
Commander O’Neil will summon spirits (YouTube)

Like we said in the beginning that Commander O’Neil will summon to aid him in the fight. You will first have to focus on these reinforcements and kill them as soon as possible because if you try to face both together, then it will be very difficult for you. Why focus on them? The Commander will buff them with his powers and this will be bad for you. Therefore, getting rid of them will help you to survive in this fight.

Important things to remember in this fight

Remember that Commander O’Neil’s attacks will have Scarlet Rot buildup and if you take damage by the status ailment’s full glory then this fight will end soon for you. We recommend you have a ranged strategy in this fight. 

Commander is a bit slow and his attacks are very easy to predict. Therefore, you can take this opportunity and attack him from a distance. Even if he tries to reach near you, just dodge or block his attacks. Not all of his attacks deal massive damage, so taking some hits is fine. Just keep in mind to drain his HP as quickly as possible. 

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Attack the summoned spirits first
Attack the summoned spirits first (YouTube)

Deal with the second wave of summoned reinforcements quickly. There will be soldiers with giant axes and they will all come together to attack you. Keep moving and try to kill all of them quickly. They should be your first priority because it will be difficult to face all of them and Commander O’Neil all at once. 

Things to keep in mind

  • Commander O’Neil is weak to Physical Thrust Damage, and Magic.
  • He summons players and spirit ash.
  • He will summon spirits and also buff them in the fight which will make them stronger.
  • Range strategy is the best against this optional Elden Ring boss.
  • Use torrent to move around the area as it will be very beneficial in this fight.
  • The Rot Tornado is the deadliest attack and deals massive damage.
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This is how you will be able to beat Commander O’Neil in Elden Ring. Follow the guide carefully so that this fight becomes easy for you. It is always best to prepare yourself before the fight. 


Commander O'Neil rewards
Get rewards after defeating the boss (YouTube)

The following are the rewards that Commander O’Neil will drop:

  • 12,000 Runes
  • Commander’s Standard
  • Unalloyed Gold Needle

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