How to get Free Discord Nitro on Epic Games

Want to know how to get free Discord Nitro on Epic Games? We have brought you a step to step guide that will give you all the information.

Epic Games is giving free Discord Nitro to the users. They said that they will deliver one redemption link for three months of Discord Nitro. This will be given through email you will have to follow a process for it. But how to get Free Discord Nitro on Epic Games? It is very simple, we will tell you everything below in our guide.

Get free Discor Nitro from Epic Games
Get free Discord Nitro from Epic Games

What is Discord Nitro

Before we tell you about the process to get free Discord Nitro, let us explain to you what Discord Nitro actually is. A lot of awesome features come with Discord Nitro, which enhances your voice, video, and text chat. Among the features that Nitro offers are animated avatars, a custom tag, 2 Server Boosts, and 30% off extra Boosts. 

Additionally, you can also create and collect your own emojis, use profile badges to showcase your support, and upload larger files like 100 MB. With Discord Nitro, you will have access to screen sharing, high-definition video, and Go Live streaming as well. You can now enhance your Discord voice, video, and text chat with Discord Nitro. It has lots of features that will help you in your professional and personal lives. 

Discord Nitro features
Discord Nitro features

Discord vs Discord Nitro

You can talk to your teammates, participate in channels, and create your own server with Discord’s free version. However, the Discord Nitro offers many more things. The below things makes Discord Nitro very different from the standard free version of Discord.

Global emojis

The community or server owners create custom emojis on Discord servers. These are typically only accessible from the servers on which they were made. With Nitro, anyone can access any emoji that is in their library from any server.

Custom Discord tag

You can change the name and number of a Discord username. Nitro lets you do this, as long as the name and number you want to use is not taken.

Animated avatars 

Subscribers are permitted to use animated GIFs instead of static images as their avatar.

Screen sharing

You can share your screen up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, or 720p at 60 frames per second.

Upgraded Go-Live streaming

Go-Live lets you broadcast your video game to a small group of viewers. On the free tier, you can stream in 720p at 30 frames per second; on Classic, you can stream in 1080p at 60 frames per second; and on Nitro, you can stream at source quality.

Upload limit

Max file size for free users is 8 MB, but for Nitro Classic and Nitro subscribers, it is 50 MB and 100 MB, respectively.

How to get Free Discord Nitro on Epic Games

Discord nitro free on Epic Games
Discord nitro free on Epic Games

Now that you know everything about Discord Nitro, you have the opportunity to get it for free. Yes, that is absolutely true. You can have access to Discord Nitro for three month free of cost. All you need to do is first sign in to your Epic Games account and then click here. Then you will get a redeem link for Discord Nitro through your email. Keep in mind that your email is correct and currently active with your Discord. 

It can take up to 24 hours to deliver the email. If you can not find it, then check your spam folder once. Once you get the link, click on it and redeem it to get your one-month free Discord Nitro account. The offer will end by June 2, 2022, at 11 am EDT, so hurry up and get a free Discord Nitro. 

Keep in mind that this is a limited-time offer and it is valid only for new users. The subscription will auto-renew for $9.99/month. But, do not worry as you can cancel it anytime.

How to get Free Discord Nitro: Step by Step guide

  • If you wish to copy and paste the link yourself, simply right-click the Redeem Now button and copy and paste it into your browser window.
  • If you haven’t logged in to your Discord account in a while, you’ll see two options: Create a New Account or Login to an Existing Account.
  • Your Discord account will receive a message asking for your confirmation about your Nitro subscription once you log in successfully.
  • Then you will be asked to fill up the payment details. 
  • After the payment details are filled in, you can redeem the promotion by pressing the “Accept Gift” button. 
  • You will then be directly transported to your subscription section, where you can view your new Nitro subscription.

Things to keep in mind

There are a few things that you should keep in mind.

You cannot redeem Discord Nitro if you already have a subscription
You cannot redeem if you already have a subscription
  • Nitro can only be redeemed by first-time Nitro subscribers where both Discord Nitro and Epic Games Store are available by July 24, 2021 (10:59 AM EDT). Once redeemed, the promo must be applied to the Discord account by July 24, 2021 (10:59 AM EDT). 
  • Nitro subscribers cannot redeem this promotion if they have previously subscribed. 
  • The error message will appear if Discord detects that you have a subscription that you have purchased previously or that you have a subscription that was gifted to you. 
  • The Nitro promotion cannot be redeemed on your Discord account if you do not meet the above requirements. It is possible to copy and paste the promo link to share with a friend! 
  • You may no longer redeem three months of Discord Nitro if you have not redeemed a promo link by July 24, 2021 (10:59 AM EDT).

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