Don’t know how to fish in Tower of Fantasy? Just follow the Tower of Fantasy Fishing Guide and learn everything about it.

With its engaging animations and ample rewards, fishing in the game is bound to provide hours of entertainment. Players can choose to fish in tranquil riversides or venture out into the open sea. The version 2.2 update of Tower of Fantasy has introduced fishing, and players were able to start exploring this exciting game mode.

If you don’t know how to do fishing in the Tower of Fantasy then do not worry. The Tower of Fantasy guide will offer the best tips for completing quests and catching unique, rare fish. So let’s dive in and discover all that the fishing game mode has to offer.


Tower of Fantasy Fishing Guide

To start fishing in Tower of Fantasy, players will have to make an initial investment by purchasing a basic rod from the Blessing store for a cost of 1000 Gold. They will also be able to purchase bait up to 350 times a week. The experience points earned from catching fish vary depending on their rarity. As players advance in level, they will have access to more and more items, including Blue rods, purple rods, gold rods, hats, cosmetic glasses, and many other bonuses. This offers an incentive for players to continue fishing and level up, giving them access to more and more items.

What are the Fish Tokens and how to get them?

In order to acquire Fish Tokens in Tower of Fantasy, players must sell the fish they catch at the Fish market. Once caught, the fish will be stored in the “Fresh” tab and retain their full original value. However, it’s important to note that the value of the fish decreases each day the game resets. 

On Day 2, the value decreases by 10%, on Day 3 it decreases by 30%, and on Day 4 the value decreases by a substantial 50%. This creates a bustling market of players eager to sell their fish at the best price before the value decreases too much. It is important for players to keep this in mind and sell their fish as soon as possible to get the most Fish Tokens.

Tower of Fantasy Fishing Guide: Fish Market

The Fish Market in Tower of Fantasy provides an exciting new aspect to the fishing experience. With the daily fluctuation of fish prices, players have the opportunity to earn significant rewards. 

They will get it by being strategic and patient with their catch. Instead of immediately selling their fish, players can hold onto them and wait for prices to increase before cashing in for a higher payout. This adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the game and is sure to be a hit with fishing enthusiasts. This feature provides an opportunity for players to engage in the market, speculate and make a profit. It’s a fun and exciting way to play the game.

Tower of Fantasy Fishing Guide: Fishing Dashboard

The fishing Dashboard provides players with clear information on fish locations and their corresponding time zones. This makes it easier for players to choose the ideal spot and time to catch rare fish. The dashboard also includes detailed information on each type of fish. This allows players to make informed decisions on where to fish and what to catch. This feature is a great addition to the game and makes it more accessible for players to navigate and find the fish they’re looking for.

Tower of Fantasy Fishing Guide: Fish King System

The Fish King System allows players to show off their impressive catches. When players catch a particularly large fish, it will be displayed in the system for all to see. This will ensure that their achievements are recognized. In addition to recognition, the Fish King System also has a competitive aspect. Players who catch the heaviest fish of the week are rewarded with limited-edition avatars. Additionally, players can earn rewards such as dark crystals (5 DC, 10DC, and 20DC) based on the type of fish they catch. This system provides an extra layer of competition and rewards for players who are able to catch the biggest fish.


How to do Fishing

To start fishing, players simply need to go to the location and open the fishing dashboard with a press of the F key. After that, equip the appropriate rod and bait for the desired fish. Then aim into the fishing spot, press 1 to cast their line, and maintain their Stamina (A) and Rod Endurance (D). With a few simple steps and a bit of skill, players can catch extraordinary fish. Each fish has a specific endurance and stamina value, and the fishing rod must exceed that level in order for the player to successfully add the fish to their store. 

Here are some rods and the stamina they take:

  • Green Rod takes 30 stamina
  • Blue Rod takes 5 stamina
  • Purple Rod takes 55 stamina
  • Gold Rod takes 60 stamina

How to put a fish in the aquarium in Tower of Fantasy

To add the fish to the aquarium, players just need to navigate to the Food Tab and Fish Tab on the Aquarium dashboard. After that, select the fish they have caught. These fish will then become a part of the player’s aquatic kingdom. The aquarium has a capacity of 8 fish at one time. Players must be cautious as once they are in, they cannot escape. It is important for players to remember to feed the fish. 

This can be obtained from any pet store by purchasing 10 fish foods for every four mirrors. With the fishing system in Tower of Fantasy, players can create their dream ocean scene with ease. Adding fish to an aquarium in Tower of Fantasy is a simple and enjoyable way to enhance your gaming experience.

Just follow the Tower of Fantasy fishing guide and the fishing will be very easy for you.

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