All Star Tower Defense Codes, July 2023

We have the most current list of Roblox All Star Tower Defense codes that can be redeemed for free gems!

There’s no Roblox game that’s complete without a plethora of freebies to assist you to play. That’s why we created a codes list, including all the most recent free gem codes, so you don’t have to waste time scouring Discord.

So, what are the benefits of using these codes? They reward you with gems, which you may use to summon new characters to battle with. Some of these characters are stronger than others, exactly as with other Gacha system games. As a result, gems play a significant role in deciding your level of strength, and these codes are really important if you want to gain some more summons.

All Star Tower Defense Codes (image credit allstartd fandom)

A recent wave of anime-themed Roblox games has made All Star Tower Defense quite popular right now. You can use different characters to fight waves of opponents, but it’s also a lot of fun. However, you can amass warriors from a variety of anime programs by collecting characters from the game.

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New All Star Tower Defense Codes

  • summerwoo2022 – EXP IV, 750 Gems
  • owouch – 400 Gems
  • allstarspring – 450 Gems
  • astd1millikes – 1,250 Gems
  • changesjune – 450 Gems
  • NavyXFlame130kNoLeak – 500 Gems, EXP IV, & Ultra Rare reward
  • newaprilupdate – 450 Gems
  • ticketupdate – 400 Gems

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Expired Codes

  • jahajha
  • quickshut
  • shotofmemories
  • lieawake
  • freedom
  • likeapartyonthelist
  • helloworld2021
  • 1bvisit1b
  • happyhalloween2021
  • 4partyrocking
  • longwait
  • wowshutdown
  • goldgemgold
  • NavyxFlameYT60K
  • thursdayfun
  • tacotuesday
  • 2bcodeswagmodeblazeit
  • shutdownagaincode21
  • nooshutdown
  • septemberupdate21
  • specialkingluffy100k
  • illbewatchingyou
  • gamebreakingvisits101
  • nowherescoredeal
  • minishutdown
  • theotheronecode
  • eatlotsonthanksgiving
  • thecityofangels
  • novemberupdate
  • igot2look
  • -astddevs
  • 100ksubnavyxflame
  • starshipway
  • NavyxFlame80Ksubs
  • anniversaryastd
  • fruit100k
  • robloxyay
  • mrworldwide
  • morecodeforyouxd
  • codeofprisma
  • codeoflight
  • listentothemusic132
  • howareyoutodaymyfriendo
  • fruitysubmore
  • 4thofjulyupdate
  • lesgolesgoyuuh
  • supertime
  • biggerthanlife1
  • fruitgame
  • 600klikes
  • updatejune2021
  • fruit
  • 2021memorialday2021x
  • Update53021
  • lovetobrazil
  • addnewunitstobannerfix
  • diamondnowina
  • ohmahgawdskill
  • yellowsix
  • tysmfor1mfavorite
  • smoothcriminal2
  • eastercoda21
  • pert
  • epicnew
  • updatebelike
  • likethegamepog2021
  • bigtim
  • lateupdatendat
  • 700mil
  • 1billionvisit21drip
  • somemorenewcoode
  • hchgaming
  • isitthenewerayet
  • handsoftime
  • gameon2021
  • lovetofightastd
  • thisisthenewestcode
  • subinferman
  • subtome
  • incredibledayum
  • rainmen
  • codecodeyayhooray
  • omgdiscordpopoff
  • bigbangrah
  • mytimerchamber
  • liketo320k
  • rwarhappynewyear2k21

What are All Star Tower Defense Codes?

All Star Tower Defense Codes
All Star Tower Defense Codes (image credit allstartd fandom)

The in-game currency in All Star Tower Defense is gems, and developers give away codes with them as gifts. If you don’t want to miss any codes, keep checking our list after updates or after reaching certain social targets.

How to redeem the codes?

You can redeem your code by following these steps:

  • Play All Star Tower Defense.
  • In the bottom right corner, tap the three-dot ‘settings’ symbol.
  • In the box, enter your code for All Star Tower Defense.
  • Your rewards are waiting for you.

Join the official Discord server to uncover new codes and to keep up with what’s going on in-game. Alternatively, keep watching our list, as we’ll update it whenever there are new codes. Roblox is available on Google Play and the App Store if you want to play All Star Tower Defense.

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