Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Fastlane Event Guide 

You can get exciting rewards like a core control module, cluster, and much more in the Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Fastlane Event.

Tower of Fantasy has recently unveiled its highly anticipated Version 2.5 update. It brings forth a myriad of exciting new features and gameplay enhancements. Among the highlights of this update is the Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Fastlane Event.

It is a thrilling and competitive racing game that will put your piloting skills to the test. In this guide, we will walk you through the ins and outs of the Mirroria Fastlane Event. We will provide you with valuable tips and strategies to help you excel in this exhilarating race.

Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Fastlane Event

The Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Fastlane Event introduces a scenario where participants form teams of four and take control of special aircraft to traverse the scenic Mirroria area. While the flight path of the aircraft is predetermined, players have the freedom to control the view angle. This will allow them to observe their surroundings with precision. 

The speed of the aircraft is directly influenced by its energy level, meaning that the higher the energy, the faster the aircraft will traverse the racecourse. As such, it is imperative for participants to collect energy during the flight to boost their aircraft’s speed and gain an edge over their competitors.

During the flight through Mirroria, participants will come across energy locks scattered throughout the environment at regular intervals. These energy locks serve as power-ups for the aircraft and can significantly impact the outcome of the race. To benefit from these power-ups, players must successfully hit the energy locks. This will grant them additional energy for their aircraft. The amount of energy obtained from each lock directly correlates with the number of hits. In essence, the more energy a participant collects, the faster their aircraft will soar through the racecourse.

Energy Management

In addition to energy, the Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Fastlane Event introduces an interesting twist by equipping the aircraft with weapons. It is crucial for participants to understand that the use of weapons consumes energy over time. To optimize their energy usage, participants should strategically focus on identifying and targeting “easy marks.” 

These easy marks represent targets that are relatively simpler or easier to hit. By conserving bullets and intelligently using them on these targets, participants can ensure efficient energy management, allowing them to maintain a competitive advantage throughout the race.

Shooting energy blocks not only provide energy for the aircraft but also triggers the activation of various buffs. These buffs offer temporary enhancements to the aircraft’s performance, providing players with valuable advantages over their opponents. The buffs obtained from shooting energy blocks can range from increased maneuverability and improved weapon accuracy to defensive capabilities. It is crucial for participants to capitalize on these buffs strategically, as they can potentially tip the scales in their favor and pave the way to victory.

Throughout the race, participants may encounter missed targets hidden within their blind spots. These missed targets represent objects or entities that were not initially visible or noticed by the participants. By actively searching for and engaging with these missed targets, participants can unveil additional energy, buffs, or other rewards that can significantly boost their chances of success.

Maximizing Rewards and Ranking

At the end of the race, rewards will be distributed based on the order in which the teams reach the destination. The destination serves as the final goal of the competition, and reaching it swiftly is of utmost importance to secure a favorable position in the ranking. By aiming to reach the destination as quickly as possible, participants increase their chances of obtaining higher rankings and unlocking more lucrative rewards.

After completing the Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Fastlane Event challenges, players will have the opportunity to redeem their hard-earned rewards in the in-game Store. The Store offers a wide array of enticing items and upgrades that can be acquired using the Event-exclusive currency called Speed Coins. These coins can be obtained by successfully completing the challenges within the event. It’s worth noting that each player can earn a maximum of 800 Speed Coins per match, so be sure to utilize them wisely to obtain the most desirable rewards.


Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Fastlane Event Rewards

Let’s take a closer look at the enticing rewards that await you in the Mirroria Fastlane Event:

  • Red Nucleus
  • Spacetime Crystal Fragments x10
  • Core Control Module
  • Augmentation Factor
  • Mira x100
  • Joint Supply Chip I
  • Cluster
  • Weapon Augmentation Box II
  • Matrix Data Pack III
  • Weapon Battery III
  • Weapon Augmentation Box I
  • Elemental Ore Box
  • Gold x1000
  • Elemental Ore Shard Box
  • Fortress Tactics Eyepiece


The Tower of Fantasy Mirroria Fastlane Event in the Version 2.5 update brings an exhilarating racing experience that will push your piloting skills to their limits. By mastering the art of energy management, strategically targeting easy marks, remaining vigilant for missed targets, and aiming to reach the destination swiftly, you can outpace your competition and secure a prominent position in the event’s rankings. Remember to collect energy, unlock buffs, and utilize them strategically to gain the upper hand. 

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