The latest game mode of Halo Infinite is here, and we have covered all about it in our Halo Infinite Attrition Guide with the best tips and tricks.

Attrition, the game’s newest game mode, is currently featured in the Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Event. Halo Infinite players can play the event’s game mode and receive a free event pass for a limited time, but only while the event is happening. Completing tasks and winning Attrition matches is one of the fastest ways to advance in the Cyber Showdown Event Pass.

Attrition is identical to the Slayer game mode in Halo Infinite. It starts out as a conventional 4 against 4 games with the goal of eliminating the other team. Where Attrition differs from other games is that each side has a limited number of lives to share. Both teams are given eight lives at the start of the game, with one being consumed each time a team member respawns. 

The goal of the game mode is for one side to deplete the rival team’s life pool and remove them in order to win the round. The team that wins two out of three rounds in Attrition is declared the winner. Instead of respawning after exhausting their pool of life, Halo Infinite fireteam members would leave luminous orbs where they died. To know more information about Attrition, we have a guide with all the tips and tricks.

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How to play Attrition

Under the “Multiplayer” option in the main menu, Attrition may be found at the top of the playlists. You may go to the menu and pick the mode just like any other option during the Cyber Showdown event. From January 18 through January 31, the Cyber Showdown will take place. For at least a week, Attrition will be the featured mode in Halo Infinite, with the possibility of the addition of other game types.

Halo Infinite Attrition Guide: Lives

Halo Infinite Attrition Guide
Halo infinite (Image credit: YouTube)

Players may still resurrect their pals by finding the light orbs and engaging with them by clicking the reload button. Even if they have no more lives to respawn with, it is still possible for one player to resuscitate their whole fireteam and continue the fight. 

However, once all reserve lives have been drained, there is a built-in timer. If the round does not end before the timer runs out, a red circle of energy appears on the map and gradually diminishes. This circle, similar to the Storm in Fortnite Battle Royale, drains the health of individuals stuck in it and is intended to draw opposing teams closer together for sudden death.

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Halo Infinite Attrition Guide: Get weapons

With only eight lives available to each squad, a well-placed rocket launcher may be a game-changer. Similarly, if someone on the other team has one, back up and try to bring them down as quickly as possible with allies. Players who go about the map in search of Power Weapons will earn a huge edge over the opposing team. Even if Power Weapons have not yet spawned, dominating the region where they do will assure that players obtain them. This also keeps the firearms out of the hands of the enemy.

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Halo Infinite Attrition Guide: Teamwork is important

Halo Infinite Attrition Guide
Halo infinite (Image credit: YouTube)

Each squad in Attrition is limited to a specific amount of respawns. Sticking together with teammates and avoiding getting caught out in the open will boost the team’s life pool. Not so close that one grenade might kill you all, but those who did well tended to coordinate and maneuver as a group. It’s simple math: two players have half the probability of being killed and double the possibility of killing an opponent as one player.

Halo Infinite Attrition Guide: Reviving your mates

When a player’s life pool is depleted, they should prioritize restoring their teammates. This will pull teammates back into action as quickly as possible, reducing the enemy team’s advantage. However, take in mind that players who have recently been revived are extremely susceptible. When they arrive, they can’t move for a split second, providing adversaries an ideal opportunity to prepare a shot or stand behind them for a melee kill. As a result, attempting to resurrect them in plain sight seldom works. Respawn to individuals in secret or undercover, and never sacrifice yourself for the sake of restoration.

Be careful not to get killed over a revive

The ability to resurrect is a potent one. It conjures up images in your mind of rescuing a downed buddy and changing the fight in your favor. That is possible, but it is also possible to fall into a trap mentality. Don’t try it if your colleague died in an area where the opposition team could have an angle on it. 

Your life is priceless at this point in the battle. Put your faith in yourself. Rather than dying without firing a shot, try to win. Don’t strive to be a good teammate out in the open. It won’t make a difference if you all lose.

You can rush when you are more in number

Halo Infinite Attrition Guide
Halo infinite (Image credit: YouTube)

A winning mindset necessitates this. Attrition is a numbers game, and you need to push your squad when you have the upper hand. If your team obtains a kill while the opposition team is still intact, keep pressing until everyone is dead. Getting all of them will cut their lives in half. This is especially true once a player has been eliminated. Use your advantage and end the game if you have more players on the field than they do.

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