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With the help of the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guide, you will learn more things about the game that will help you to become better.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a game where players create their own character at the start and choose from five different phases. There are two ways to attack enemies up close, and to succeed in combat, players need to use their weapons to deflect enemy attacks and create openings for counterattacks. 

The difficulty of an enemy is indicated by their “Morale rank”, and defeating tougher enemies results in more valuable loot. As players attack enemies, their spirit gauge will fill up and eventually allow them to perform special moves and elemental spells. Players can also choose a “Divine Beast” to assist them in combat or provide benefits through “Divine Beast Resonance”. The Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guide has some of the best tips and tricks for you.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guide: Spirit System

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a game that rewards aggressive gameplay with its spirit system. Your standard attacks and well-timed deflects raise your spirit, which is essential for unleashing amazing moves or heavy attacks. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain your spirit by staying on top of enemies with attacks and deflecting their swings when possible.

It’s important to strike a balance between blocking, dodging, and attacking. Spending too much time blocking or dodging and not enough time dishing out standard attacks will quickly deplete your own spirit. This will leave you vulnerable and stunned. The key to success in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is to find the right balance between aggression and defense.

The spirit system is particularly important when facing tougher enemies, bosses, or other formidable enemies. In these cases, spending spirit on heavy attacks or Martial Arts moves can deal significant damage and make the difference between victory and defeat. In addition to standard attacks and deflects, there are also other ways to increase your spirit. For example, you can perform environmental kills or use consumable items like spirit potions to give yourself a boost.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guide: Morale and Fortitude Ranks

Your Morale Rank is an important factor that determines your performance in battle. Your Morale Rank represents your fighting spirit and determines your access to special abilities and attacks. On the other hand, your Fortitude Rank reflects your physical resilience and determines your maximum health and resistance to enemy attacks.

It’s important to note that your Morale Rank will not go below your Fortitude Rank. This means that if your Fortitude Rank is low, your Morale Rank will also be limited. To increase your Fortitude Rank, you need to find and collect Battle Flags in your missions. These flags are scattered throughout the levels and are marked with a unique symbol.

When you collect a Battle Flag, your Fortitude Rank increases, and you receive a boost to your health and resistance. It’s important to collect as many Battle Flags as possible, as your Fortitude Rank resets at the start of each new mission. This means that if you don’t collect any Battle Flags in a mission, you will start the next mission with a low Fortitude Rank, making it more challenging to survive in battle.


Experiment with Builds and Weapons

As you progress through the first few missions, you will gain access to an NPC in the village hub that allows you to respec your character’s stats for free at any time. This feature gives you the freedom to try out different builds, weapons, and approaches without the fear of wasting valuable resources.

You won’t need to invest heavily in weapon and armor upgrades until later in the game, allowing you to focus on exploring the game’s mechanics and testing different playstyles. However, once you have discovered a few weapons you prefer, it’s best to start conserving your resources and narrowing your focus to avoid excessive grinding.

Choosing the right armor

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, choosing the right armor for your playstyle is crucial to your success. Every armor you equip has a weight value, which affects your mobility and how much spirit you use when evading enemy attacks. If you prefer to take a few extra hits from enemies and don’t mind sacrificing mobility, heavy armor might be the right choice for you. But keep in mind that heavy armor will use more spirit when evading enemy attacks.

On the other hand, if you prefer to dodge enemy attacks easily and use less spirit, lighter armor might be the better choice for you. However, lighter armor won’t be able to withstand much damage, so you’ll have to rely on your evasive skills to avoid taking too much damage.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guide: Qi 

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, defeating opponents rewards you with Genuine Qi. This valuable resource can be used to level up your character at a Battle Flag. Each time you level up, you’ll need more Qi than before, so it’s important to keep earning it through battles.

Leveling up is crucial for progressing through the game and becoming a more powerful warrior. It grants you access to new skills and abilities, increases your health and spirit pools, and makes you more effective in combat.

To ensure you have enough Genuine Qi to level up when you need to, make sure you’re engaging in battles as often as possible. Don’t be afraid to take on tougher opponents, as they will reward you with more Qi than weaker enemies. Additionally, try to avoid wasting Qi on unnecessary upgrades or purchases, and prioritize leveling up to gain the most benefits.

Use Absorb Vitality Spell

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, there’s a wizardry spells tree called Wood Phase that you can put points into. Once you’ve put 3 points into it, you can purchase a spell called Absorb Vitality. This spell can be used to absorb health from enemies, but you need to time it properly for it to work effectively.

When facing a large enemy or boss, you can first use standard attacks to whittle down their spirit. Once their spirit is low enough, you can perform a fatal strike (critical blow) to deal massive damage to their health. This is where Absorb Vitality comes in. Before performing the fatal strike, cast the spell and then quickly follow up with the fatal strike. The result is a huge chunk of health absorbed from the attack, like a vampire draining blood. Keep in mind that simply casting Absorb Vitality before standard attacks won’t yield significant returns in health.


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Guide: Dragon Vein

There is a good chance you’ll find Dragon Vein Crystals and Dragon Vein Essences if you thoroughly explore levels. This will boost the effectiveness and usage limits of Dragon’s Cure Pot. It may not be immediately obvious, though, that you need to manually use these unique items to apply them. Make sure you’re using your healing options by hitting “use” on them in your inventory.

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